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Hawaii's BBB 2012 Torch Awards

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Message from Governor Neil Abercrombie

On behalf of the people of Hawai‘i, I welcome the Hawai‘i Better Business Bureau (BBB) members, honorees and guests gathered for the 2012 Torch Awards.

Founded in 1912, the BBB has established standards of the best practices for businesses and has brought together consumers with trustworthy businesses and charities. Today, 116 BBBs, including Hawai‘i’s Better Business Bureau, operate in the United States and Canada to serve more than three million businesses and charities.

Hawai‘i’s BBB has provided an invaluable service to our communities through its consumer advocacy efforts. I commend Hawai‘i’s BBB for fostering trust in the local marketplace and promoting events to honor local organizations for their dedication to ethical business practices and marketplace excellence.

As Hawai‘i continues on the path toward economic recovery, I believe it is essential to also recognize organizations that have had significant impact on citizens and businesses in Hawai‘i. I join Hawai‘i’s BBB in applauding this year’s nominees, finalists and Torch Award recipients for demonstrating their commitment to trustworthy business values. I extend a sincere mahalo to each of them for serving as role models for Hawai‘i’s business communities and congratulate them on their many achievements.

Best wishes to the Hawai‘i Better Business Bureau, its members and honorees in all future endeavors.


Message from Mayor Peter B. Carlisle

It gives me great pleasure to send my warmest greetings to everyone gathered to celebrate Hawaii’s 2012 Better Business Bureau of Hawaii Torch Awards.

Congratulations to the finalists, who are exceptional leaders in their field, for promoting trust in the marketplace, and fair, honest, and ethical practices. Your integrity in business service performance continues to facilitate Honolulu’s expanding commercial opportunities.

Mahalo to the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii for your long-standing pledge to ensure trustworthy practices. Your BBB Torch Awards program embodies the Bureau’s excellent community service and perpetuates its high standards of business ethics.

On behalf of the people of the City and County of Honolulu. I commend the Better Business Bureau for 67 years of outstanding service in Hawaii and the Torch Award nominees, finalists, and recipients for their exemplary leadership. Thank you for conducting your businesses with the utmost integrity, compassion and dependability.

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