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Hawaii's Top Employers 2013: Hawaii Petroleum Inc.

Kona Team Members (left to right): Mark Leong, Ryan Cantor, Chris McGurn, David Moe, Sabrina “Bri” Ortiz, Heather Goto, William “Willy” Ha’alilio, Onipa’a “Oni” Coelho, Benton You

In an age when technology, expectations and beliefs change constantly, keen companies must recognize that adaptability is the key to success. Not only should they adapt to their customers needs, but they must also adapt to their team members’ needs. After all, it is the team members who carry out the mission of the company, and it is ultimately up to the team members to ensure the company’s success.

At Hawaii Petroleum, the more than 30 team members are credited with helping to carry the company to become one of the biggest full-service fuel and lubricant distributors on the island of Hawaii. 

“It’s because of each and every one of our team members,” says Mark Leong, Vice President and General Manager of Hawaii Petroleum. “Whether it’s servicing customers, solving problems or pursuing opportunities, we have a great group of contributors that go above and beyond the call of duty.

Hilo Team Members (front row: left to right) : Joy Madriaga, Tanya Andrews, Stacey Jardine, Janna Seales, Renee Otani, Diane Lauppe, Joey Ragocos, Benton You, Ralph Rengulbai, Stanley Kauwe, Tommie “T” Higgins (back row: left to right): Mike Kaneda, Dawn Wilson, Mark Leong, Gina Piskur, Allen Enocencio, Patrick Lawrence, Rowick Haile, Kimo Grace, Matthew Majamay, Lionel Haile, Joseph Kekipi, Peter “ Mickey” Lemick, Kenni Llantero,  missing Bradley Gaston

This great group of people thrives in the open, collaborative environment Hawaii Petroleum strives to provide.  

“We have an open-door policy, and we want employee team members to engage in dialogue and debate,” Leong says. “If you get everybody agreeing all the time, you end up with narrow-minded solutions. We foster collaboration.”

And… it’s not just talk Leong recalls an experience last year in which the company purchased a new truck and planned to sell the old one. However, a discussion with the drivers led the company to hold on to the old truck.

“They said the additional truck created more flexibility when servicing other trucks in the fleet and allowed them to maintain more of a regular schedule,” Leong says. “It was an expense that we didn’t necessarily need, but that we ended up doing. It was better for our drivers, and that made it a better place for all of us to work.”

Talking with one another has become routine for Hawaii Petroleum team members. They hold quarterly meetings and are encouraged to hold open conversations.

“Everyone feels like they contribute to the overall success of the company,” Leong says. “We work together to solve problems, and we try to tap the resourcefulness and the initiative of each individual.”

The company also encourages its team members to look for opportunities for advancement, and even provides financial backing to do so.

“We have a generous tuition reimbursement policy where we will help pay a portion of undergraduate or graduate work,” Leong says. 

“We also have a lot of opportunities for employees to move up within our parent company’s umbrella of companies, and we always publish openings for our Company and all sister companies as well for employees to see.” 

Human Resources Director, Jozette Montalvo mimics the same sentiment that it is the personal contributions of each and every employee of Hawaii Petroleum, Inc. that truly makes this Company the “best place to work”! 


(808) 969-1405
Hawaii Petroleum Inc.
16 Railroad Ave #202
Hilo, HI 96720

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