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Hawaii's Top Employers 2013: Integration Technologies (Intech)

Front Row: (L to R) Jade Simpson, David Bickerstaff, Jack Chamberlain. Middle Row: (L to R) Sam Gridley, Paul Ventura, Branden Baker. Back Row: (L to R) Ben Ocenar, Dustyn Iwamoto, Mike Davis, Jordan Silva, Justin Watanabe, Veronica Nederhouser, Teri Kong, Freddy Ludiazo. Not Pictured: Josh Castro, MJ O’Conner and Wayne Worcester.

Before the majority of us even got on the Internet, Integration Technologies (Intech) was ready to provide large information technology (IT) management services to local clientele. Sam Gridley founded the company in 1991 to provide a solution for what he deemed an underserved business marketplace.

Then and now, the locally owned and operated company has known that in order to reach its goal of being the best IT partner for its clients it must take care of its team. Here, two Intech managers fill us in on what makes this company one of the best places to work. Meet NOC manager Jordan Silva and service manager Veronica Nederhouser. Together they have a combined decade of experience with Intech.

Q: What do you like most about working at Intech?

Silva: The freedom to do my job the way I feel is best, and my ability to actually impact policy within the organization. In many companies, you fall into a groove of doing what has been done without regard to what should actually be done. At Intech, I’m able to see issues and then actually change things if needed.

L to R: Paul Ventura (Owner/Treasurer), Sam Gridley (Owner/Chairman), Branden Baker (President).

Nederhouser: Intech inspires me to constantly improve. Our staff works closely together to ensure the safety of our customers’ networks, and in doing so, develops bonds with both our customers and each other.

Q: What is it that differentiates working at Intech from working somewhere else?

Silva: Any company can offer you a paycheck. I am able to set my own schedule. I have deadlines, I have goals, but if I am feeling burnt out and just need to disconnect for a while, I can go play video games in the break room and not worry about a boss who is going to freak out because I am not at my desk from 8 to 5. It is an environment that I want to work in, not an environment I feel I am being forced to work in.

Q: Why would a company want to do business with Intech?

Silva: “The primary advantage to using a service like Intech is that for what you would usually pay a single person, you get a team. Even the best IT guy cannot know everything and working with us you get the knowledge of 15 people at the cost of one. This means that we CAN be the best at everything we do, because everyone here has a specialty, and everyone treats IT as a hobby. We love what we do. 


(808) 596-9500
Topa Financial Center
745 Fort Street, Suite 600
Honolulu, HI. 96813

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