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Hawaii's Top Employers 2013: The Hawaii Group

You may remember hearing about a company last year that fed its employees lunch every day, that offered desks and video-game consoles for employees’ children to use, and that also paid employees for volunteering in the community. Hawaii Human Resources (HiHR) is still doing all of those things, but it is not the only one. HiHR is one of the five companies comprising The Hawaii Group, all of which take great care of their staff.

HiEmployment, HiAccounting, HiMRK (marketing) and HiNursing join HiHR under The Hawaii Group umbrella to provide support services to businesses throughout the state.

“The really nice thing about all these companies is that they’re integrated,” says President and CEO Matthew Delaney. “It’s unique in that regard because generally companies only do one thing.”

While this is remarkable in and of itself, what really stands out is the way Delaney and his teams have transformed their industry to apply hospitality standards to day-to-day business activities.

From Left to Right: Scott Meichtry, HiGroup Executive VP Matthew Delaney, HiGroup CEO Sean Knox, HiEmployment President.

“Every one of our clients is different and unique. Some like payroll on Mondays, some like it delivered with cupcakes, and one even likes us to have a beer waiting for him when they pick up the paychecks,” Delaney says.

And when it comes to employees, the same personalized hospitality applies.

“We have the hospitality culture where we see our people working hard, and we want to take care of them,” Delaney says. “We really go the extra mile to try to promote the balance between personal, family and work life.”

This includes recognizing employees as individuals. While some companies will offer paid time off for sanctioned, specified volunteer events, The Hawaii Group employees can choose whichever community organization drives them most. The same goes for fitness reimbursement.

“If they want to join a gym, do a 10K race, buy a new surfboard, do yoga or zumba, we reimburse them $65 a month to stay healthy,” Scott Meichtry, Executive Vice President and co-owner says. “We also provide regular, in-office massage therapists.”

Other perks include full medical, dental, vision, drug, disability, generous PTO and holiday package, profit sharing and even parking. The company also offers opportunities for additional education, training and certification.

“We want our team members to continue growing,” Delaney says, noting that the company’s growth (which has doubled in size in the past year) is fueled by a desire to create opportunities. “I really believe you need to give back to the community that you live in. We want to be able to give more, and growth will give us the ability to do that.”


745 Fort Street, Penthouse
Honolulu, HI 96813

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