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Hawaii's Top Employers 2013: WSP Hawaii

Front row (left to right): Grant Higa, Rigel Taylan, Cori Goya, Yuki Franklin, Samantha Niver, Office Administrator; Kimberlynn Rand, President; Gene Albano. Back row (left to right): Harold Pei, Alan Seabock, Andrew Crossland, Associate; Jeffrey Paresa,
Associate; Kevin Luoma, Phillip Barrientos, Jess Kaneshiro, Associate; Albino Prieto, Ronald Mendez, Juanito Ganal.

When you walk into the consulting engineering offices of WSP Hawaii, the first thing you will notice is the modern and open layout.  There are no physical walls or doors to block the exterior views or to segregate staff from one another. This also holds true in WSP Hawaii’s work philosophy. Each employee is encouraged to be open and forthcoming with their fresh ideas, wants, needs or concerns.   The office promotes open dialogue and collaboration amongst its employees, while providing a casual, relaxed and fun work environment to do so.

WSP Hawaii, part of WSP-Genivar Group, provides mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and sustainable consulting engineering in the building services industry. Our focus is on having the best people, projects and clients, to provide the best service, solutions and advice. The office consists of a diverse staff with unique experiences and extensive knowledge that is tapped and leveraged to the best extent possible.

Some benefits available to the WSP Hawaii staff are 100% premium health coverage for each employee and their dependents, a generous 401K package, company furnished personal digital devices, bus passes and bulk store memberships. The office sports a foosball table, a massage chair and an open policy to personal computer time for employees to “let off some steam”. The staff is given time off or company provided luncheons after a demanding work week or critical project deliverable.  WSP Hawaii also recognizes the importance of balancing one’s career and personal life. Employees are given the opportunity to set their own work schedules, which includes a 4-day work week option, or working remotely from home. They can also bring their keiki to work when needed.

Taking a break for some fun! Kimberlynn Rand and Kevin Luoma battle it out at the foosball table while Rigel Taylan relaxes in the office massage chair.

WSP Hawaii further fosters camaraderie by encouraging employees to participate in the office’s Social and Outreach Committee’s.  The Social Committee is responsible for setting up recreational and team strengthening events such as office luncheons, birthday celebrations, family gatherings and after work pau hanas, while the Outreach Committee looks for ways WSP Hawaii can give back to the community. Many employees have taken part in local food drives and participated in charitable events.

WSP Hawaii’s engineering vision is to be outstanding to the built and natural environment. The office bases its philosophy on WSP-Genivar’s five (5) core values; trust, sharing and support, pride and passion, sustainability and innovation. With these values and the commitment of our employees, WSP Hawaii is undoubtedly, one of Hawaii’s Best Places to Work! 


(808) 536-1737
1132 Bishop Street, Suite 1850
Honolulu, HI 96813

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