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Hawaii's Top Employers 2013: Y&M Radiology

You can tell whether someone likes their job by looking at how long they’ve been at it. Although Y & M Radiology is growing every day, with new locations set to open this year and next, the employees of the past have not strayed.

The company has one employee who has been with them for 32 years and another six who have been with them for more than 20. What is it about this outpatient imaging-service company that attracts and retains good people? For starters, the owners make an effort to recognize hard work and extend benefits to all employees, both full- and part-time.

“The doctors’ support has always been the foundation and positive influence in everything we do,” says director of human resources Cathy Okinaka, “when developing benefits for employees, creating new imaging centers for our patients and building company culture.”

Our Radiologists. (Left to right) Dr. Jeffery Yeoh, Dr. Shephard Kosut, Dr. Vivien Wong, Dr. Jeffery Sue, Dr. Edwin Muranaka.

Radiologists + Administrative team. (Back) Dr. Jeffery Yeoh, Dr. Shephard Kosut, Brian Ebisui, Dr. Edwin Muranaka, Dr. Jeffery Sue. (Front) Cathy Okinaka, Dr. Vivien Wong, Marshall Miyoshi, Melissa Leong.

It’s the kind of culture that keeps employees around.

“Once you’re here, you don’t want to leave,” says Marshall Miyoshi, chief operating officer. “The environment is one where you strive to provide good service, and you can feel good about the work you do.”

Employees can also feel good about constantly moving toward improvement. To foster growth, Y & M provides opportunities to move up within the company as well as the training and resources to empower employees to do so.

And it’s not all talk. For example, Miyoshi started as an X-ray technologist before he strived to be a sonographer. The company trained him for over a year to get him ready for the position. Then, he moved into other areas as his interests changed, until he reached his current position as COO. 

“We always try to fill positions in-house and we give in-house training and opportunities,” Okinaka says.

The company’s education benefit, for example, reimburses employees for anything from books and formal courses to association memberships and even to travel for off-island conferences.

“Whether it’s just learning a language or getting a book, a lot of people find that it’s really helpful,” Okinaka says.

Y & M even extends certain benefits to employees who don’t need them. For example, the company covers 100 percent of parking fees for employees at all locations as well as bus passes for those who choose that option. Employees who forgo these benefits get cash in-lieu, and the same goes for those who choose to waive medical benefits. 

“All of the employees appreciate the atmosphere that the company tries to provide for everybody,” Miyoshi says. “We are happy where we are, and we know that we can get better.”


(808) 949-0091
1481 S. King Street, Suite 202
Honolulu, HI 96814

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