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Leaders in Innovation 2013

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Innovation requires thinking about old problems in new ways to come up with faster, better solutions. Whether through consulting, software development, or product production, cutting-edge thinking is what keeps an economy strong and resilient. In this issue we are profiling the kamaaina businesses that have found ways to address the unique challenges of the Hawaii business landscape while continuing to adapt and grow their services to stay at the front of the provider pack. As you develop strategies for your business’ technological future, these are the companies to keep in mind.


"Our hosted security solutions especially cater to the needs of small and medium business clients."

Michael Miranda, Sr. Manager,
Managed Services, Hawaiian Telcom

Hawaiian Telcom: All-In-OneSM IT Security

Hawaiian Telcom is a trusted island communication partner for voice, data, wireless, and security solutions for enterprises of all sizes. “Everything we do is for the purpose of enabling our customers to practice smart business,” says Jeff Coomans, Senior Manager of new product development. “Our hosted services, with an emphasis on security, allow our customers to focus on building their businesses rather than complex, but important, security challenges.”

The Business All-In-OneSM bundle, with high-performance broadband internet and hosted voice services, offers advanced security monitoring, allowing businesses to stay connected and secure while remaining flexible and mobile. “We want our customers to remember just how important their data is,” Coomans says, “We don’t want it to take a breach of security for a client to realize that all of their proprietary information and customer data could be compromised in a moment.”

The multi-layered and multi-dimensional security solutions provided by Hawaiian Telcom address the countless threats that organizations encounter while conducting their daily business affairs. Customers can rest at ease knowing that their networks are protected 24/7 by cutting edge Hawaiian Telcom technology and engineers that reside on-island, providing instant response and support in the event of security threats and breaches.

"The reality of what happens is that many small businesses don’t spend any time on on their IT security."

Jeff Coomans, Sr. Manager,
New Product Development,
Hawaiian Telcom

“Our hosted security solutions especially cater to the needs of small and medium business clients,” says Michael Miranda, Senior Manager of managed services. He points out that businesses should protect themselves at both the host site (your personal computer, where robust antivirus programs are needed) as well as the network site (your personal business perimeter). This is important because malware is often designed to be undetectable and is frequently programmed to disable antivirus programs upon entry to your computer.

“The reality of what happens is that many small businesses don’t spend any time on on their IT security,” Coomans says. “But by choosing not to do anything, those businesses become the most penetrated, suffer the greatest losses of revenue, and feel the biggest impact because they can’t keep up after they’ve been breached.”

Partnering with a trusted communication partner makes all the difference in the amount of time needed to maintain agile and secure technology, especially in this day and age of specialization and laser focus on core competencies. “Transitioning to managed services is a great reflection of a company’s priorities,” notes Miranda. “Business owners don’t want to focus on IT, they want to focus on their business strategy.”

Deploy Multi-Layered Security

Only a multi-layered defense can protect against multiple threats to your infrastructure. Cyber attacks are sophisticated but can be thwarted by having security point on both individual workstation and at your network perimeter, such as a next-generation firewall.

Identify and Protect Critical Information Systems

Identify which computer systems hold information that is valuable to your business - customer information, trade secrets, competitive information, etc. - and focus resources to protect those assets first. Don’t spend unnecessary money and resources protecting non-essential systems.

Separate Business and Personal Web Browsing

Casual blogs, entertainment news, social networking and game sites likely have fewer protections from malware. Avoid using work computers and devices for casual internet browsing. Consider kiosk computers for employees’ personal use or configure your perimeter security to block “time-wasting” sites.


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