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Richard Norwood
Marketing Manager,
Superb Internet

“You’d be surprised at what your competition doesn’t do online,” says Rich Norwood of Superb Internet, a Hawaii web hosting company that offers complimentary re-marketing services to new clients. “Most businesses fail to use conversion optimization, SEO, PPC, and A/B testing to create a terrific competitive advantage.”

If all of those acronyms just seem like a big bowl of confusing alphabet soup, you’re not alone.  It basically means this: it’s a proven fact that the majority of people do not buy your product or service the first time they interact with your company. “That is why it’s critical to get them back in the door via re-marketing and re-targeting,” explains Norwood. “Aside from your customers and employees, these two strategies are your greatest investment.”

Following are Superb Internet’s five golden rules to re-marketing—targeting them with marketing messages online over the course of several weeks—in order to increase confidence in and familiarity with your brand.


1. Be seen without stalking. You may need to be seen up to 10 times before a potential customer converts. The best practice? First, make sure you’re re-marketing them with light branding messages. Limit impressions to six times per week.

2. Add compelling offers, over time. Don’t rush the sale! Just remember, no one likes a heavy sales pitch. Add promotions to ad copy during the second half of the buying cycle, using cookie durations.

3. Greed doesn’t pay off. Don’t re-market to people who hit single landing pages. Only market to engaged visitors by placing different re-marketing codes on your pages.

4. Mix it up and A/B tests. Without A/B or multivariate testing you’re doing your business a disservice. You can target shopping cart abandonment, explore different calls-to-actions, and send traffic to different landing pages. Testing increases your return on investment.

5. Delete cookies after a purchase is made. Please use kill codes to make sure that you are not re-marketing to people who have already bought your product.

Don’t stress if any of this sounds unfamiliar to you. Superb Internet specializes in assisting their hosting customers to become more successful on the web and offers complimentary re-marketing services to new clients. The company, in business for over 16 years, offers state-of-the-art data centers located in Seattle, WA and Washington, DC and provides face-to-face consultations to all Hawaii businesses. Just make an appointment or stop by its downtown office. As an offer to new customers, Norwood will personally set up your re-marketing strategy at no cost.


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