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Leaders in Innovation

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Cyrus Driver
Vice President,
Oceanic Time Warner
Cable Business Class

“There are two paths to increase profitability,” says Cyrus Driver, Vice President of Business Services at Oceanic Time Warner Cable Business Class. “One is to create more revenue and the other is to plug expenditure leaks. We made a business suite of services that helps to accomplish both by saving time and being cost-flexible.”

Oceanic Time Warner Cable Business Class bundles together phone, fiber, and video services that are as cutting-edge as you’ll find in London, Singapore and Munich. Not to mention completely scalable and backed by award-winning customer support. This combination of factors allows businesses to customize packages to suit their exact needs. “A dry cleaner in Waianae, for example, has different needs than a dry cleaner on Pensacola,” explains Driver. “We provide the nuanced business tools that will help both to be successful.”


The emphasis is on fiber and the accompanying spending flexibility and ownership advantage that it offers. Once a fiber-based internet connection is established, companies can increase or reduce their bandwidth—and, thus, their technology costs—with a quick phone call to Oceanic Time Warner Cable. “Our focus is on cash flow control,” explains Driver. “We provide a flexible approach to high technology products which allows us to meet our customers’ financial needs.” This is especially good news for island businesses that experience peaks and lulls throughout the year.

Fiber combined with advanced voice services and the ability to customize video and music programming to suit unique work and commerce environments makes the technology suite from Oceanic Time Warner Cable Business Class world class. The best part? “Our customers love the fact that we act as consultants for their enterprises and understand the particular needs of local commerce,” reports Cyrus. “We help them understand how to build profits and then set them up with the tools to do that.”


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