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Leaders in Innovation

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Jay Jurick

“Our business is about streamlining processes and applications for businesses, and empowering their sales and marketing efforts,” says Jay Jurick, founder of TurnOnTech. “This enables smaller companies to compete with much larger enterprises, often enabling them to step into the ring with Fortune 1000 companies.”

Launched in 2004, TurnOnTech customizes highly specialized, cloud-based, and centralized systems for the accounting, customer relationship management, inventory, services, and ecommerce functions of small to mid-sized companies. The benefits include a drastic reduction in IT department expenses and maintenance, but it is the added efficiencies that clients are usually most excited about. “One of our new features gives the ability to communicate internally on opportunities and projects with an almost Facebook-like interface,” explains Jurick. “And having key performance metrics available in real-time, and at any time, enables smarter decisions with faster and better results across the entire company.”

Consider, for example, the ability for a salesperson to have a real-time connection with the company warehouse. It’s the difference between “I’ve got 30 in stock right now, should I place your order?” and “I’ll give you a call after I get back to the office and check on inventory.”

Another example: the opportunity to automate communication. Let’s say a project manager records that a building permit was received. A nicely formatted, automated email alert to the customer enhances the customer experience and saves the project manager time.

“Implementing these kinds of systems allows users to do more with less man hours,” says Jurick. “Employees gain more time to focus on the most important parts of their projects and it lets them get home on time to their families at the end of the day.”


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