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Cloud Computing and Beyond

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No doubt you’ve heard the new information technology buzzword: cloud. As in, “Are you in the cloud?” Or, “Are you using cloud services?” You may be asking yourself if what you learned about clouds in junior high was all wrong. Turns out this computing trend is around to stay. We interviewed top island cloud service providers to give you an inside look at what this new technology is all about and how it pertains to your business.

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While cloud computing is actually very broad, it generally refers to the service of being able to share resources such as files, documents, and even software over a network connection. Social media, photo sharing sites, and hosted email sites are considered to be part of the cloud. So are more complex data-sharing applications that companies are beginning to transition from their in-house servers to the servers of cloud providers. Such a shift allows more flexibility, accessibility, and mobility within the workplace.

All signs are pointing to the staying power of the cloud computing trend. It’s akin to the change that took place during the industrial age when individual companies switched from producing their own power to purchasing energy from the centralized electric grid. The change caused profound economic and social changes. Nicholas Carr, in his book The Big Switch: Rewiring the World from Edison to Google, predicts the same sort of shift with cloud computing.

While many cloud solutions exist, many businesses choose local providers. Turns out, nothing beats picking up the phone, dialing a local number, and reaching a technician or engineer who understands the technology that is available in Hawaii and how best to implement it.

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