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Cloud Computing and Beyond

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762 Queen Street
Honolulu, HI 96813

Started in 1990 by two brothers out of an office in Kalihi, RevaComm soon became a web-focused company that developed technologically savvy skills, services, and tools to help customers compete in a digital marketplace. During the downturn of the dot-com bust in 2000, the company took the opportunity to evaluate their position in the the industry. “We thought about our strengths and who our best customers were,” says Elden Ito, President of RevaComm, “It was an opportunity to become a more focused company.”

RevaComm is currently centered on two main areas of business—market facing services, such as online marketing and e-commerce, and business process improvement services. As cloud computing becomes more pervasive, RevaComm is adapting to provide cloud services to customers. “A lot of our clients don’t know what it is, but they hear the buzzword,” says Brett Kimura, Vice President of Operations. “It’s a misconception that the cloud is a new thing, but it has been around for awhile. People also sometimes think it’s really specific, but it’s actually very broad.”

“The big picture of cloud computing is that it allows a lot
more flexibility between technical platforms.”
-Elden Ito, President, RevaComm

While the company maintains a solid presence in web design and branding, they also offer cloud computing solutions with voice, web, and mobile applications. “Even home offices and one-man shops can benefit from the cloud because it provides more powerful and flexible services than traditional IT solutions, and at a reduced cost,” explains Ito. With early roots in communication design, RevaComm prides itself on being able to marry both marketing principles and technical applications in developing new systems for clients. “What sets us apart in the marketplace is our ability to balance great user experience with proven technologies that solves real business problems,” notes Kimura.

What trends are on the horizon for cloud computing? “The big picture of cloud computing is that it allows a lot more flexibility between technical platforms,” says Ito, “Companies of all sizes are starting to collaborate more through the cloud than you’ve ever seen before.”

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