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High-Tech? High Time.

2012  Plans released for a $1.4 billion park upgrade

2010  Pacific Joint Information Technology Center opens

2006  Mezzanine incubator for high-tech companies opens in Maui R&T Park

1994  Maui High Performance Computing Center comes online

1992  Maui Research & Technology Center opens

1990  Groundbreaking for the Maui Research & Technology Park

1982  Maui Economic Development Board is formed



By the Numbers

Illustrations: Thinkstock.com

$1.8 Million  Spent on film production in Maui County in the first half of 2012 by crews working through the Maui County Film Office. Programs included CBS’s “Hawaii 5-0”  and Bravo’s “Tone It Up” pilot.

182,800  Tons of sugar produced by Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. in 2011

18,700  Homes that can be powered annually by Maui County’s Kaheawa Wind project above Maalaea Harbor, completed in July.

5,583  Cut Christmas trees produced in Maui County in 2007.

36  Full-time jobs that could be created by the construction of the planned Advanced Technology Solar Telescope atop Haleakala. The optical solar telescope would be the world’s largest.

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