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New Generation Technology 2012

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Oceanic Time Warner Cable Business Class

Key Technologies: Internet, Phone, & Video


Cyrus Driver, Vice President of Business Service

When it comes to presence, Oceanic Time Warner Cable Business Class has a sizable one. The company is part of the second-largest cable provider in the U.S., and is an industry leader in video, data, and voice services. Its business class suite of offerings is designed as a one-stop shop which encompasses a wide range of technology demands. “We believe most businesses require Internet, phone, and video services,” says Cyrus Driver, Vice President of Business Services. “And between these three, we pretty much cover the ongoing needs that a company might have.”

From start-ups to large enterprises, the first thing most businesses are concerned about is their Internet connection speed and reliability. Oceanic Timer Warner Cable Business Class provides fiber-based Internet—one of the fastest and most reliable technologies on the market today. With that comes built-in bandwidth flexibility. A quick call to the support staff offers the ability to increase or decrease bandwidth, allowing businesses to stay within budget and adapt to any spikes or lulls in their Internet usage.

Next, organizations need a clear and professional phone service.  Certainly, this is what customers notice when they dial a business.  Oceanic Time Warner Cable Business Class recently launched Business Class PRI services—the technology which allows for four-digit extensions. Combine this with comprehensive voice mail plans, and you’ve got a system that sounds sharp and is ready for customers.

Finally, video technology is becoming more and more pervasive across all sectors. From lobbies, airports, and even gas stations, there seems to be a constant stream of real-time news and entertainment for waiting patrons. From a company which began as a cable provider, you would expect nothing less than consistent and cutting-edge video services. Even better, Business Class clients can customize their video and music programming to suit their unique work and commerce environments. 

Oceanic Timer Warner Cable Business Class understands business needs, and has developed packages and services that are both scalable and flexible. Many enterprises do not have the manpower or need for full IT departments, and for that reason Oceanic Time Warner Cable Business Class has developed a full-scale technical and support staff that can respond quickly and efficiently to their clients.  “Customer service is truly the game-changer,” says Driver, “Everything is island-based. We have local support and technical services right here, and we have spent a lot of resources training our support staff so they are on the cutting edge of technology.” When you couple an award-winning customer service experience with tailored technology, it comes as no surprise that that Oceanic Time Warner Cable Business Class has become a trusted name for business solutions.


Oceanic Time Warner
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