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Pathways to Sustainability 2012

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Greenpath Technologies

Since Greenpath Technologies (GPT) launched five years ago, they have managed to use their smart solar solutions to get the attention (and business) from some of the best companies in Hawaii. Their clients include Hawaii National Bank, the Building Industry Association (BIA), Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i, the County of Maui, the County of Hawaii, the U.S. military and numerous other commercial and residential clients.

Unicold Building

Native Hawaiian-owned and locally based, GPT understands the unique potential our Islands offer, with an abundance of renewable energy sources, and have executed several design-build solutions for both utility grid-tied projects as well as off-grid portable applications. They have put together an incredibly talented team to conceptualize and bring to life solutions-driven ideas through systems design as well as creative financing to better serve for-profit businesses as well as non-profit organizations and humanitarian and disaster-response efforts.  Through strategic partnerships they are able to offer their clients one point of accountability and warranty for both roofing and PV.  

Briand Achong – President

For non-profit organizations that may be unable to take advantage of the federal and state tax incentives offered to other customers, GPT has a proven track record of working with clients to get financing. “GPT was one of the first companies in Hawaii to arrange 100 percent financing of PV systems through 20-year Power Purchase Agreements (PPA),” says Briand Achong, company president. “This allows the non-profit organization to save on their electricity cost during the term of the financing, and it provides them with lower operating costs without any investment, and without risk of ownership, operations and replacement. As an NHO, we focus on developing business in Hawaii while utilizing local capital and resources.”

One of GPT’s most recent developments, the Soldier Transportable Alternative Energy Storage System (STAESS), is the product of GPT’s research and development firm’s teamwork with the U.S. military. “The product provides a unique, portable, solar-power harvesting and energy-storage capability and provides the highest power output,” says James Chaney, director of product development. “The company also prides itself with the development of STORM, a lightweight portable solar module delivering 125W and weighing 6 pounds for military defense, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief situations.”

Soldier Transportable Alternative Energy Storage System (STAESS)

Looking ahead, GPT plans to continue serving their clients with a holistic approach aimed at integrating renewable energy applications, while also moving forward with continued development of energy storage solutions and various portable, highly efficient sources of alternative power. “GPT is in the business of providing sustainable turnkey energy systems for all of our clients—whether commercial, non-profit, government or residential,” says Achong. “GPT is committed to helping Hawaii reach independence from fossil fuels and the preservation of natural resources, and our approach has always been to deliver solutions that keep the customer’s best interest at hand and ultimately exceed their expectations.”


745 Ilaniwai Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

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