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Pathways to Sustainability 2012

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Boost Your Bottom Line

How does it feel when your utility bill arrives in the mail each month?  Is it difficult to budget not knowing how much it will be, especially when it seems to be only going up, month after month? 

Commercial PV Installation: Bale

The need to put a photovoltaic system on your roof to offset your facility’s energy use has never been more pressing than it is right now.  With the cost of oil only going up due to rising global demand, leveling-off supply, and other events in the news, the savings from generating your own power can really help your business’ bottom line.  And given the prevailing trends, that savings will only increase over the long term as a result. 

On top of the cash savings are very generous federal and state tax incentives along with accelerated depreciation schedules that can cover up to 90% of the overall system cost.  As a result, photovoltaic systems can effectively pay for themselves in two to four years.  After that it’s pure savings for the next twenty-five to thirty years. 


Hawaii currently generates over 85% of its electricity from burning oil and sends over $7 billion a year out of the state to purchase that fuel.  For our sustainable future, both economically and environmentally, we need to take control of our energy generation through renewable energy production.  One of the most effective ways to be a part of the solution and to turn a rising variable cost into a much lower fixed cost is to harness the power of the sun.

There is no need to fear your electric bill, and with a photovoltaic system you may even start to look forward to it.


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