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Pathways to Sustainability

Pathways to Sustainability

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     Turnkey roof and PV installation at the Japanese
     Cultural Center of Hawai‘i

Turn Your Roof into a Clean, Green, Cost-cutting Machine

During these unprecedented times where sustainable energy efficiency is a priority, Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii (CRW) provides a turnkey ACCOUNTABLE solution through various strategic approaches. These approaches include renewable energy tax credits and subsidies, asset valuation for additional streams of income for each client’s real estate portfolio, and cost accounting strategies for capital expenditure components that now include the roof as an additional floor of income.

CRW actively initiates and participates in these turnkey solutions which allow them to fully understand the intimate profit, expense, and growth process for their clients. Every facet has been tested and tried – from technical engineering, to financial arrangements that ensure the entire system is superior and can deliver as proposed. Recent projects include the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i, HawaiiUSA FCU Pearl City and Waialae Country Club.

The company has embraced sustainability and provides a comprehensive “Sense of Place” turnkey solution. Cool Roofs are now platforms for income producing assets, photovoltaic arrays reduce energy consumption and incorporate asset valuation, and passive income and cost accounting benefits are now also captured in a new green energy efficient SABS™ composite building system.

The progressive sustainable motion of CRW naturally led to the recent development of SESR (Sustainable Energy Solutions Resources). The SESR venture partnership is comprised of former 2-term Guam Governor Felix Camacho; inventor and CEO of Strata International, Nassar Saebi; co-founder and Chairman of Group 70 Architects, Francis Oda; President and Vice President of Strata Technical Support, George Noguchi; and Guy Akasaki, Chairman.

SESR launched the innovative SABS™ composite building system utilizing a Borax infused expanded polystyrene insulation and a structural polymeric cementititous fibered coating in the Guam construction market. It is earthquake resistant and capable of 3 times the strength of the Northridge earthquake in California, capable of withstanding wind speeds in excess of 170mph and has an insulation R-Value (R40 walls and R65 roof) for a cooler interior. With the buildup of military presence and adverse harsh environmental conditions, super typhoons, seismic zone 4 locale and high energy costs—the timing is perfect for a housing model that provides an affordable and sustainable solution.

     STRATA sustainable housing system

Adding to the awards and accolades the company has earned over the years, CRW recently earned Pacific Business News’ Best In Business Leadership Category I in 2010.

Founded in 1993 by Guy Akasaki, Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii, Inc. (CRW) has grown from a three-man forensics specialty repair company to a full-service roofing and waterproofing contractor with operations in Hawaii, Guam and the Philippines. CRW attributes their growing success to the foundational values and mission of the organization, “to exceed our client’s expectations.”


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