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Pathways to Sustainability

Pathways to Sustainability

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     Saving Energy Is Our Passion!

Energy Efficiency Technologies

1st GREEN SOLUTIONS, LLC is Hawaii’s 1st choice for alternative energy technologies to save all industrial, commercial, business, retail, federal, military and residential power users up to 30% on their power bills. Our premier represented technology is patented in energy efficiency and has been successfully installed worldwide in thousands of applications for over 18 years to save you money on power bills, reduce your carbon footprint, while protecting and extending the life of all electrical and electronic equipment.

Our technology incorporates five methods of energy reduction plus two forms of surge/spike and lightning protection in a modular, passive, dynamic in parallel connection as follows:

  1. Magnetic Phase Balancing- Balances voltage and current on all phases.
  2. Harmonic Filtering – Provides power conditioning through the reduction of RF noise and harmonic current.
  3. Transient Energy Conversion – Using the unique dual wrap-around magnetic chokes enables transient energy to be captured and converted to useful energy.
  4. Passive Resonance Free Power Factor Correction - Provides a reservoir of reactive power for inductive loads to draw from, without the use of capacitor bank type systems.
  5. Generate Energy - The unique dual wrap–around magnetic chokes enables wasted energy to be converted to useful energy which is then supplied to the electrical system.

     Energy audit and recording

Any new or existing solar system will benefit by significantly increasing kWh production, reducing the required size of the system by as much as 25%, and reducing demand charges for a lower cost than straight solar, while providing the potential for additional savings back to our clients utilizing the newly available Hawaii feed-in tariff.

Our technology is UL-, CSA- and GSA-verified as alternative energy solutions for our federal and military clients and can be used as a standalone Energy Efficiency system or combined with sustainable energy systems as a hybrid.

We provide a full spectrum of energy sustainability from solar and wind. We also offer lighting retrofits and energy audits.

At 1st GREEN SOLUTIONS, LLC, saving energy is our passion. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services for energy efficiency. Our clients benefit from over 30 years of extensive professional electrical contracting and customer service.

We service all of Hawaii, Japan, Guam, Saipan and the USA with future expansions planned into other countries.

Call 1st GREEN SOLUTIONS, LLC today for all your Energy Saving Solutions and a free Consultation.


Our installation referenced below produced 29,000 watts of power and 30,000 joules of surge/spike and lightning protection, providing a savings to our client of over 16%

“I’m pleased to report that Diversified printers calculated a monthly savings of close to 17% during the first three months of operation. Based on our experience so far, we anticipate that our actual ROI will be better than the original projected ROI of 24 months. Obviously, we’re very pleased with the outcome.”

—Ken Bittner, President/CEO, Diversified Printers, Inc.


Our Clients benefit in these ways:

  • Instant Positive Cash Flow Possible
  • UP to 30% reduction in
  • energy costs
  • Reduced kW, kWh, and kVA
  • 100 % VFD and control
  • system compatible
  • 12 to 36 month Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Improved power quality
  • Solar, Wind and Geothermal compatible


Toll Free: 855.384.GREEN (384-7336)
456 A. Kekuanaoa Road, Suite 300
Hilo, HI 96720
Authorized Power Shaver Distributor



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