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Pathways to Sustainability

Pathways to Sustainability

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     Kailua-based Sunetric is the state’s largest solar contractor,
     responsible for nearly 60,000 solar panels installed across
     all islands.

Solar—Big, Better, Best

Solar is a sure bet for Hawaii—though the argument becomes more compelling every day, complexity and confusion lingers. Only a few short years ago, there were less than ten solar contractors in Hawaii; today there are over one hundred. The number of solar manufacturers and the spectrum of technology has increased exponentially along with a global uptick in marketing, advertising, and media focus. Dozens of contractors, hundreds of products, thousands of conflicting messages on the ‘best’ solution—it can make even the most informed consumers question their ability to choose.

Thankfully, the increased competition has fostered innovation across the board—from panel efficiency to myriad financing programs, the solar market has never offered so much potential to so many. On the residential front, new, higher efficiency PV systems provide incredibly quick return on investment and remarkable environmental benefits. Additionally, new financing options like SunRun create opportunity for nearly any Hawaii home owner to go solar regardless of their financial standing. In the commercial marketplace, government incentives continue to support solar investment across the islands. Additionally, the Public Utilities Commission’s recent approval of the Feed-In Tariff program could provide a powerful catalyst for growth in renewable energy production on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island over the coming years.

As the market grows, so too have the companies involved—from sales consultants to marketing organizations to fully integrated design, engineering, and installation resources, the players continue to mature. None has progressed further than the industry leader, Sunetric. Freshly stationed in a state-of-the-art office space in Kailua, the firm proudly wears the mantle of Hawaii’s largest locally owned and operated solar installer. Founded in 2004, Sunetric has installed more PV than any other company in the state. In total, Sunetric is responsible for nearly 60,000 solar panels installed across all islands, offering the equivalent benefit of taking 3,000 vehicles off Hawaii roads each year.

A growing solar marketplace holds the promise of a sustainable future for Hawaii, but a big solar industry doesn’t alone guarantee success. Better technology, financing, and service must continue to evolve, and as the crowd grows, the best contractors must perpetually innovate and adapt. Again, the paragon is Sunetric—with unmatched insight, capability, and experience, the firm leads the way into tomorrow, working with communities, consumers, and government to educate and advocate for a sustainable, and affordable, future for Hawaii.

Read more about the Sunetric at www.sunetric.com and about the solar industry in general at www.sunetric.com/blog.

P.O. Box 1462
Kailua, HI 96734



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