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Pathways to Sustainability

Pathways to Sustainability

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Taking the initiative towards sustainability will save your company money and improve your bottom line. Now, more than ever, the ability to take these initiatives has never been more accessible, thanks to nationwide government support and subsidies for these programs.

The companies featured in this section are at the forefront of their industry, providing innovative solutions that will result in short-term and long-term cost savings through the use of cutting-edge technology that is constantly evolving.


Sustainability, It Is Said, Is Not a Destination But a Journey.

Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light Company have long been on this journey and today the pace is picking up.

The urgency—nationally and locally—has grown. It is prompted by increasing dependence and rising costs of fossil fuel and the impact of using foreign oil on our environment, economy and security. Recent prices at the pump, rising air fares and fuel charges on electric bills are a harsh reminder.

Since joining with the State of Hawaii, U.S. Department of Energy and others in 2008 to work on Hawaii’s clean energy future, we’ve seen progress. And more is yet to be done.

In March, we joined First Wind to untie a maile lei at the new Kahuku Wind Farm. We’ve reached or are reaching agreements for more wind and a half a dozen utility-scale solar farms for Oahu; more firm renewable geothermal power on Hawaii Island; and an agricultural revival in Kau to grow energy crops. We’ve committed to making Hawaii ready for electric vehicles with cheaper overnight charging rates and new partnerships to “drive” Hawaii to adopt EVs that help increase the use of renewable energy.

     First Wind Hawaii is joined by neighbors, friends and government
     leaders to celebrate the start-up of the new 30-megawatt Kahuku
     Wind Farm

Another promising sign: the solar power industry that installs photovoltaic panels on home and business roof-tops had a banner year in 2010, with more than twice the installations over 2009. Hawaii has long been a national leader in solar water heating and we’ve already installed more solar watts per capita than any other state. This year should be even better than the last.

Two of the utility’s largest customers—U.S. Department of Defense and the University of Hawaii system—are working to pursue renewable energy and sustainability. We continue working with them and many partners—from the Hawaii Solar Energy Association to Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association—on real-world sustainability. Most importantly, many of our valued customers, in their homes and businesses, are doing the same and expecting the same from us.

In short, sustainability is not a lonely journey; increasingly, it’s a parade. Like any parade, it takes planning and up-front investment before the first float starts out. We are all in this journey together and you can find a map of Hawaii’s progress at www.hawaiisenergyfuture.com.


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Honolulu, HI 96813



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