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Protecting Your Assets

Managing risk and protecting company assets are changing in today’s business environment. Is your business effective and secure?

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No business owner wants to lie awake at night worrying about every aspect of the business vulnerable to theft, destruction, tampering, hacking or natural disaster. After all, operating a successful business in today’s competitive economic environment has the heightened security pressures of protecting your network from sophisticated threats of modern computing and of meeting increased regulatory and compliance requirements.

The costs can be high. Hawaii’s 2009 property crime rate of 3,661 per 100,000 inhabitants, including both residential and non-residential incidents, is higher than California’s at 2,732 and New York’s at 1,936, according to the FBI. A 2010 report by the Liberty Coalition stated that at least 479,000 Hawaii records have experienced data breaches since 2005.

Secure but convenient. Safe but innovative. Finding the right balance to protect business assets at a reasonable cost, say experts, is at the core of risk management. Today’s business owners and managers must weigh access to proprietary company information as well as game-changing ideas critical to generating revenue for business success against the risk of compromising the security and protection of valuable company assets. And at what cost?

What’s happening in the security and risk management industry in Hawaii today? What’s new in protecting your physical facilities as well as your valuable information assets? What to consider for your company from the wide array of security and risk management products and services available? Some of Hawaii’s leading experts share their insights into making running a business in Hawaii safer and more secure in 2011.

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