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Protecting Your Assets

Managing risk and protecting company assets are changing in today’s business environment. Is your business effective and secure?

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The ins and outs of lock security

“Security is a growing concern for businesses and residents. We see a trend toward greater physical security over convenience of access. For our corporate clients, we believe customizing the right balance is important for business success,” says Jerry Lomaka, director of sales and senior specification consultant for ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions of Hawaii. “For our corporate clients, we believe customizing the right balance is important for business success.” Established in 2005 in Hawaii, Door Security Solutions is one of 40 companies in North America that are part of the Swedish/Finnish conglomerate, ASSA ABLOY, the largest lock manufacturer in the world. The majority of Door Security Solutions’ clients come from the non-residential market and includes the military, hospitality industry, Department of Education schools and public works.

Lomaka has seen an uptick in business security in recent years. A key driver for companies seeking newer, technology-enhanced security measures has been the major changes in federal laws, in particular, the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 that set new or enhanced standards for all U.S. public company boards, management and public accounting firms, including strengthening corporate accounting controls. “Many companies now must track usage of vital company records and data, and provide information on who has access to these files,” Lomaka adds.

With over 20 different products, Door Security Solutions offers business and homeowners a range of lock options from the traditional mechanical lock to the advanced electronic entry system. Providing a “security continuum” of choices allows his company to accommodate business growth and expansion, as well as greater customization for clients, says Lomaka.

“We specialize in physical security that balances protection, convenience and safety. Every time we put a lock on a door, we look for another exit,” explains Lomaka. A far cry from your neighborhood locksmith, companies like Door Security Solutions today have to consider how best to protect business space, to accommodate work flow convenience, and to meet life safety, ADA and fire code requirements. With 19 years of experience, Lomaka has worked with architects, electrical consultants and other construction specialists at various stages of building construction and renovation. He holds various certifications, including Architectural Hardware Consultant and Certified Construction Product Representative.

Lomaka sees technology playing a bigger role in the near future in the physical security field to provide clients with the ability to monitor access to their businesses remotely via Smart Phones and other mobile devices. Customers will also benefit, he says, such as hotel guests who can download their room assignments and go directly to their rooms to “check-in” via phone, bypassing standing in the check-in line at the hotel lobby.

Among the emerging lock technologies is the Aperio wireless system, an easy and cost-effective global wireless technology in use worldwide. It eliminates the greatest cost and inconvenience associated with traditional access control — the wiring at the door — by bypassing the hassle of complex site surveys. Lomaka predicts it will be the new security lock standard in wireless technology.

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