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Protecting Your Assets

Managing risk and protecting company assets are changing in today’s business environment. Is your business effective and secure?

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Taking control of records management

Any company collecting information today, whether by hard copy or electronically, faces complex regulatory statutes as well as increased concern from their customers and staff over protecting that information. “Inadvertent disclosures can have serious legal consequences for businesses today,” says Chris Harris, general manager of Access Information Management, the only records information management (RIM) company devoted exclusively to RIM solutions in Hawaii.
A company’s livelihood can be at stake from lawsuits for divulging confidential customer information, as well as from penalties incurred from violations of federal statutes, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), enacted in 1996, which mandates security and privacy of health data to prevent abuses of personal health information, including unauthorized access.

Established 15 years ago to provide records management services to the health care and financial services industries, today. Access Information today offers statewide services to a variety of businesses, from law firms and small businesses to large corporations, all of which gather sensitive data, such as credit card information, financial statements, health plan records and more. The company’s diversification into document destruction, data protection and scanning services, in response to customer needs, reflects the growth in the RIM solutions industry.

“We work as a partner with businesses as a one-stop shop in managing the life history of their critical documents,” says Harris. As an offsite records management program provider, the company enables businesses to meet both regulatory compliance as well as accessibility needs for audits, lawsuits, and general business operations that require security, confidentiality and technology. And clients can free up valuable office space for more productive use. For both hard copy and electronic data, Access Information can also provide assistance and referrals for records management procedures, retention schedules, disaster recovery and other RIM services.

“We specialize in physical security that balances protection, convenience and safety. Every time we put a lock on a door, we look for another exit.”

Jerry Lomaka, director of sales and senior specification consultant for ASSA ABLOY, Door Security Solutions of Hawaii

To stay competitive in an expanding field, Access Information has invested in facilities and state-of-the-art technologies to ensure secure point-to-point tracking and chain of custody, an online Web-based inventory management system. As Hawaii’s longest lasting NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) certified company, it is the state’s only provider of both mobile and plant-based shredding services, including digital storage devices, such as hard drives. As clients began to shift away from heavy reliance on hard copy documents, Access Information initiated Scan-on-Demand to provide file scanning with secure Web-based access as an alternative to physical document delivery. “It allows us to be more ‘green’ by reducing our fleet having to go on the road,” adds Harris.

While companies going paperless have not occurred as quickly as predicted, Harris says sharing of information will continue to grow in the global marketplace. Businesses working with international clients will face the challenge of preventing information gridlock while ensuring the security of its own assets for peace of mind.

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