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Senior Living & Retirement Guide

Innovative options, solutions, services and advice offered by Hawaii’s top senior care professionals offering tips on planning, premium facilities and transport.

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Aloha Habilitation Services

Jay Raymundo
Chief Executive Officer, Aloha Habilitation

In order to fully utilize services, you have to be able to access them. That’s the idea that has driven the team at Aloha Habilitation Services.

Originally founded in 2001 as a provider of outreach services to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, Aloha Habilitation Services soon expanded its services to include the senior population.

“The elderly will eventually become dependent on assistance from a third party due to the demands and busy lifestyle of their children and families and other family situations,” says company CEO Jay Raymundo. “This is where Aloha Habilitation Services steps in and provides that extra support that our elderly need in order to continue to live a normal and comfortable life.”

That support includes a plethora of programs. These range from homecare, home health care, skilled nursing and respite services to chore services, personal assistance/habilitation training, residential habilitation and other training programs. To ensure they constantly provide clients with the utmost care, Aloha Habilitation Services places a big emphasis on having high-caliber staff.

“We ensure our staff are trained and educated on an ongoing basis to conform with new health care practices, philosophies, clinical advancements and technologies,” Raymundo says. “This is key to ensuring that our clients are given the care they deserve, which is high-quality and safe, all given in the spirit of Aloha.”

The company carries that Aloha spirit over to their clients and their families by hosting company picnics and other events for them along with the Aloha Habilitation Services staff.

“We are a small family business, and the importance of ohana is something that we strive to portray in our mission and philosophies,” Raymundo says. “Each client, each vendor, each member of the community, each staff member, is part of the Aloha Habilitation Services ohana, and our top priority is to treat each member as a family member through excellent customer service.”

In their five-to-seven-year plan, Aloha Habilitation Services intends to expand their services to the neighbor Islands, where Raymundo says accessibility of services is much more difficult than it is on Oahu.

“Aloha Habilitation Services continues to advocate for easy access to service,” Raymundo says. “We can help to make sure that our kupuna continue to live in their homes and communities, while continuing to have the excellent care and assistance that they deserve.”

Pharmacare Hawaii

Pharmacare Hawaii co-founders
Byron Yoshino and Rick Sakurada

When it comes to medication, proper administration and prescription compliance are key. Lucky for Hawaii seniors, Pharmacare Hawaii recognizes their unique characteristics and has taken steps to ensure their senior clients are doing things right to maintain good health. The company provides not only medications, but also specializes in at-home services. For seniors, this is especially beneficial.

“We have on staff a consultant pharmacist who offers services to various nursing facilities,” says Byron Yoshino, Pharm D, president and CEO of Pharmacare Hawaii. “In addition, our community pharmacy locations offer synchronization of refills so they can all be available on the same day each month. We also offer our patients reminders for their refills and delivery of their refills.”

The company’s free delivery, 24-hour phone line and skilled employees help to provide the kind of security Hawaii’s seniors have come to depend on for their health care. And while Pharmacare Hawaii has earned a stellar reputation across the state since its inception in 1983, it has no plans of stopping now. “We are preparing our company by anticipating the needs of the senior population,” Yoshino says. “We are evolving from a pharmacy that dispenses medication to providing health care that improves the quality of life for our customers … We want them to be as healthy and happy as can be.”

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