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Title Guaranty of Hawaii

Hawaii’s Oldest and Largest Title and Escrow Company

It was over a century ago when F.W. Makinney journeyed across the ocean from California to become an abstractor of land titles in Hawaii, establishing Makinney and Company in 1896. 

Kenneth Makinney soon inherited his father’s trade decades later while David Pietsch Sr. also became an abstractor and established Hawaii Title Company, Ltd. Swept by the tides of friendship and fate, Makinney and Pietsch eventually decided to consolidate their businesses, forming Title Guaranty of Hawaii in 1952.  Title insurance became an immediate facet of the new company while an Escrow Division was incorporated later in 1959.

F.W. Makinney’s indelible efforts over a century ago had laid the brickwork for Hawaii’s oldest and largest title and escrow company. “115 years marks a cardinal milestone in TG’s journey,” said Michael Pietsch, CEO of Title Guaranty of Hawaii, “We are fortunate to have been in business for so long and are looking forward to mirroring this longevity as the company segues into a new era.” 

You’ll find a company steeped in rich history as you peruse the vast collection of maps and documents stemming from 1848’s Great Mahele. However, TG is as much a company about antiquity as it is about the future. “While we certainly revere the past and consider it an integral component of our company, we are also in a constant state of moving forward - adapting and evolving so we don’t become obsolete,” said Pietsch. 

A forerunner of change, TG has constantly sought new methods and technologies to enhance the real estate professional’s experience while expediting company operations. Conceived in 1986, a computerized title plant has accumulated over 7.5 million digitally archived documents, all accessible through the web-based DocUtrieve®, a subsidiary of TG.  The company had also developed the award-winning TGExpress software to streamline the title/escrow process. Currently, TG is gearing towards disaster recovery initiatives, cloud storage and cutting-edge software that will revolutionize title and escrow industry standards.

TG also remains an active participant throughout the neighboring community. Charitable outreaches including school fundraisers, donations, and grassroots support to various organizations have become the company norm. More recently, the company was able to rally together and garner over $12,000 for the Japan earthquake cause.

Honored to have celebrated 115 years of unwavering service to the people of Hawaii, Title Guaranty’s journey continues forward to a future abounding with many more successful anniversaries to come.



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