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Top 250: Chaminade University of Honolulu

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Chaminade University announced the addition of Ed Teixeira, former Vice Director of Hawaii Civil Defense and former civil defense planner of the Hawaii State Department of Defense, to their faculty. Teixeira returns to Chaminade as professor-in-residence and lead of the Homeland Security Leadership Development track, a nationally recognized program and the only series of its kind in Hawaii. His expertise of over four decades in homeland security and disaster preparedness will add more first-hand experience to Chaminade’s criminal justice graduate program.

“Not only will students learn the skills they need to prepare them for careers in homeland security, but they will learn it from veterans,” said Teixeira. “I hope to bring in local and national homeland security experts, whom I have personally worked with, to add to the unique, hands-on curriculum focusing on current policies, trends and practices.”

Ed Teixeira, Hawaii’s former Vice Director of Civil Defense, joins Chaminade’s faculty as professor-in-residence to direct the Homeland Security Leadership Development track as part of the Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration program.

Teixeira specialized in homeland security and disaster preparedness, managed the Civil Defense Division and prepared islandwide disaster and emergency response plans. His work resulted in an increased number of public emergency shelters for Hawaii residents and visitors, over $14 million in state funds to expand the outdoor siren warning system, and the development of crucial emergency plans.

In partnership with the Naval Postgraduate School, Chaminade’s Homeland Security Leadership Development track for the Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration (MSCJA) offers courses such as Strategic Planning and Budgeting for Homeland Security and The Psychology of Fear Management and Terrorism – some of the many courses at Chaminade that will receive the benefits of the integrated hands-on experience Teixeira brings.

The MSCJA program prepares students and professionals for advanced careers in areas of security, border protection, technology, counterterrorism and disaster preparedness. Students and professionals are equipped with essential skills in homeland security strategy development and planning that Teixeira said, “are indispensably relevant to the ongoing national, regional and local security efforts in this time of uncertainty.”

Chaminade offers a rich educational experience for Graduate students, aiming to help people grow: professionally, intellectually, and spiritually. An advanced degree from Chaminade is an investment in your future and can be completed in as little as two years. Guided by its Catholic, Marianist and liberal arts educational traditions, Chaminade encourages the development of moral character, personal competencies, and a commitment to build a just and peaceful society. Visit chaminade.edu/grad to learn more.


Chaminade University Graduate programs

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Chaminade graduates know how to manage an organization effectively and efficiently, armed with leadership and teamwork strategies needed to excel in business, government, or non-profit enterprises. Students may choose from four distinct concentrations: Business, Not-for-Profit, Public Sector, and Accounting. The program is uniquely suited to the business climate of Hawaii and the greater Pacific Rim, providing an in-depth understanding of the Asia-Pacific marketplace.

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program not only prepares students to be educators, they become motivators and role models - the kind of teachers with the ability to change the course of a student’s life. The MAT program combines current research and educational theory with practical field applications that fully prepares graduates to meet state licensure requirements in elementary, secondary, and special education.

Master of Education (MED)

Specifically designed for working teachers who wish to further their training and expertise, Chaminade’s MED program sharpens the skills and insight to become a leader in the field of education.  This intensive program combines the latest in educational theory and research, in combination with practical, hands-on experience. Students interested in alternative/progressive education methods can earn Montessori certification in early childhood and elementary education.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration (MSCJA)

For students looking to contribute to society through law, public safety, and service, Chaminade’s Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration (MSCJA) program provides an exceptional foundation for influential work in local or national government or administration. Graduates are prepared for managerial, research, and instructional positions within the criminal justice system, in both the public and private sectors.

The Homeland Security Leadership Development Track

In partnership with the Naval Postgraduate School, Chaminade offers one of the country’s most exciting new career tracks -  the Homeland Security Leadership Development (HSLD) emphasis for the Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration degree. This demanding, cutting-edge program is unrivaled in the Pacific, and graduates gain the highly specialized knowledge and skills required for careers in Homeland Security and Civil Defense, as well as occupations relating to Homeland Security Management.

Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (MSCP)

Chaminade’s Master of Science in Counseling Psychology program is designed to graduate counselors skilled in helping children, youth, and adults adjust to life’s challenges and recognize their potential. While the program provides a comprehensive base of knowledge for any counseling career, the coursework was developed primarily for those wishing to enter practice as school counselors, mental health counselors, or marriage and family counselors.

Master of Science in Forensic Sciences (MSFS)

In the pursuit of justice, evidence is everything. Finding, preserving, and evaluating that evidence is as much an art as it is a science. At Chaminade, the Master of Science in Forensic Sciences (MSFS) program prepares students for this vital line of work by combining rigorous coursework with independent research and fieldwork. The comprehensive curriculum leads students to employment in the forensic sciences or further graduate studies.


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