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Clint Churchill

Trustee, The Estate of James Campbell, Aerobatic Pilot

Photo: Kent S. Hwang

According to Clint Churchill, there are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but they aren't any old, bold pilots. However, listening to the 30-year Air National Guard veteran talk about his 28-maneuver, air-show routine, you've got to wonder. With stunts like the hammerhead stall, knife-edge spin and torque roll, Churchill may not be bold, just a little crazy.

On weekends, Churchill operates Acroflight Inc., an extreme air-tour business, which takes thrill-seeking customers on 40-minute flights over central and eastern Oahu. When he's not barrel rolling with a customer, Churchill practices his own air-show routines in his Extra 330L, the Islands' only "unlimited" category aerobatic aircraft. He is a regular performer in the handful of air shows across the state.

"It's exhilarating, but, for me, it's also very cleansing," says Churchill, Campbell Estate trustee and former F-15 fighter pilot, of his extreme flying. "If you have issues at work, you put them on the shelf, because flying, whether in fighter jets or aerobatic planes, demands ultimate concentration. It puts the stresses of everyday life into perspective. I always walk away from my plane with a smile on my face."

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