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Innovation: Eyeport

The Eyes Have It

photo: Jimmy Forrest
No, it's not a spaceship or a weapon from "Star Trek" or the next George Lucas flick. It's an EYEPORT™, a medical device intended to improve performances related to vision. Its Maui-based inventor Jacob Liberman, an optometrist, says, "You can improve everything from someone's learning ability and attention to how well they hit a baseball or golf ball."

What it costs: About 12,000 have sold at $199.95 each since the device was created in 2001.

Who likes it: A 2004 study published in the "Journal of Behavioral Optometry," demonstrated a 90 percent improvement in batting performance for Little League baseball players. A 2005 study showed improvement in visual reaction time and marksmanship for members of the Maui County Police Department. The EYEPORT™ received FDA approval in March 2006.

How it works: Position the unit near the edge of a table or desk so your eyes are approximately 24 to 30 inches away. Put on the reversible red and blue glasses. Adjust the EYEPORT™ device to different angles for 5 different exercises and follow the red and blue lights with your eyes, while holding your head still. The exercises take about 10 minutes each day and should be done six days a week.

How to get it: Liberman's Web site More than 30 pros playing in the PGA's Mercedes Benz Championship in Kapalua in January, will receive a gift certificate for an EYEPORT™.

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