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Hawaii Recovery not Until 2012 or Later, CEO Survey Indicates

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Who Was Surveyed

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The survey was conducted online from Sept. 23 to Oct. 16. E-mail invitations to participate were sent to 722 Hawaii CEOs, presidents and company owners on all islands, and 139 responded.

How To FIx The Economy

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Of those surveyed, 71.9 percent said that tax breaks and other incentives should be used to help diversify the economy.

“This area’s importance is under-estimated and analyzed incorrectly,” responded one business leader. “Incentives can aid in creating good employment, something critically needed.”

Another called for a repeal “of those anti-business, anti-growth laws passed by the past two Legislatures.

“For instance, card check, commercial-leasing regulations and increases in land-transfer taxes are all harmful and will reduce growth going forward. They both send the wrong message and are, in fact, harmful.”

Business leaders aimed a great deal of criticism at government.

“Incentives would be fine if the state government could get it right, but they are poorly equipped to devise a cost-effective credit, as we saw in the recently eliminated technology credit,” said one. While several applauded Act 221, and wanted it resurrected, another said, “We gave away the farm on that one.”

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