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Big Demands, Big Rewards

What Hawaii’s Top Execs Are Paid

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BANK OF HAWAII CORP. (No. 8 on the Top 250)

Allan Landon
(succeeded by Peter Ho on July 30, 2010)
(Landon did not receive compensation for serving on the board of directors.)

Allan Landon
(succeeded by Peter Ho on July 30, 2010)

Salary: $750,000
Bonus: $0
Nonequity incentive plan comp.: $540,000
Stock awards: $0
Other compensation: $78,723 1
Total: $1,368,723

1 Derived from retirement-plan contributions, profit-sharing funding or value-sharing funding.

Mary Bitterman
Highest paid director

Fees earned or paid in cash: $57,500
Stock awards: $0
Other compensation: $52,500 2
Total: $110,000

2 In 2009, each director was given the option of accepting a grant of restricted stock or an equivalent value in cash that would be used to purchase common stock of the company. Bitterman accepted $52,500 for equity.

S. Haunani Apoliona
Mary Bitterman
Mark Burak
Michael Chun
Clinton Churchill
David Heenan
Robert Huret
Martin Stein
Donald Takaki
Barbara Tanabe
Robert W. Wo Jr.

Breakdown of BOH’s nonemployee directors’ annual retainers and meetings fees:
Director: $20,000
Lead independent director: $10,000
Compensation and audit committee chairs, and vice chair of executive committee: $5,000
Board meeting fee: $750
Compensation and executive committee meetings: $750
Audit committee meetings: $1,500
Chair of the audit committee: $2,000 per meeting

FIRST HAWAIIAN BANK (No. 9 on the Top 250)

Donald Horner

First Hawaiian Bank is a privately owned subsidiary of BancWest Corp. and, therefore, its executives’ and directors’ compensation information is not public information. FHB declined to provide annual compensation information for its officers and directors. However, several nonemployee FHB directors confirmed they are receiving retainer and meeting fees comparable to those of BOH directors.

Robin Campaniano
Francois Dambrine
W. Allen Doane
Walter A. Dods Jr.
Julia Ann Frohlich
Michael Fujimoto
Paul Mullin Ganley
Robert Harrison
Warren Haruki
Robert Hiam
John Hoag
David Hulihee
Richard Kelley
Bert T. Kobayashi Jr.
Faye Watanabe Kurren
Dee Jay Mailer
Richard Mamiya
Fujio Matsuda
Leighton Mau
Wesley Park
J. Michael Shepherd
John Tsui
Allen Uyeda
Jenai Sullivan Wall
James Wo
Robert C. Wo

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