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2013 Founders & Visionaries - Hawaii's Best

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Endoscopy Insitute of Hawaiʻi

A state-of-the-art Colonoscopy Center

No more doctor referrals, no more long appointment wait times - no more excuses. What’s holding you back from getting screened for colon cancer, the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States?

The Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii’s mission is to prevent colon cancer—the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Thanks to a streamlined screening process, state-of-the-art technology, and a caring and experienced team of doctors, the Institute is making sure that receiving a potentially life-saving procedure, called a colonoscopy, is easier than ever.

Facing the challenge of alarmingly low colon cancer screening rates and bottlenecks in the traditional screening process in Hawai`i, the doctors of the Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii introduced a new delivery model for colonoscopies called “open access.”

Open access means that patients can call the Institute directly to set up the initial health assessment appointment and colonoscopy procedure without a referral from a primary care physician. No longer do patients need to visit an endoscopist for the preliminary health assessment, significantly reducing the appointment wait time from months to just two weeks at the Institute. Both the initial screening and colonoscopy are performed at the same, welcoming facility conveniently located minutes from downtown Honolulu at the corner of Beretania and Ke‘eaumoku.

The procedure is a visual examination of the colon lining for harmful polyps or abnormalities, which are typically removed on the spot. “There's a very predictable progression to colon cancer that starts with a small polyp,” says Dr. Racquel Bueno, one of the founders of the Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii. “If we remove the polyp early on, it can prevent colon cancer from ever developing. That’s why early detection is so important. It goes beyond simple screening and actually prevents colon cancer.”

Who should receive a colonoscopy? Screening for colorectal cancer should begin for everyone at age 50 (and  even younger for those with an increased risk for colon cancer—such as those with a significant family history of colon cancer or polyps). In fact, in Hawaii, colonoscopy is a healthcare benefit covered by insurance providers. "It may not sound that pleasant at first, but we really do make getting a colonoscopy as hassle free and convenient as possible at the Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii,” says Dr. Bueno. “I strongly recommend that everyone aged 50 and older, or sooner for those identified to be at increased risk, have this easy and painless procedure performed and encourage loved ones to do the same. Regular screening, or testing, for colorectal cancer is one of the most powerful weapons we have for preventing colorectal cancer.”

For more information call 808-312-6700 or visit www.EndoscopyHawaii.com


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