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Hawaii Business BOSS Survey - December 2013

12 insights from 402 business leaders in Hawaii

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6.  Is Your Debt Growing?

42 percent of the companies say they had debt. Of those companies, this is how their debt changed over the past year.

7. Marketing

How will your marketing budget change in the coming year?

Focus on the Visitor Industry

Of the 402 business leaders surveyed,107 are leading companies that earn a majority of their revenue from tourists or from companies that serve tourists. Here is what those tourism leaders told us about their companies.

8. Equal Performance

The Performance Index, based on companies’ revenue, profit and staffing, was essentially the same for the visitor industry and the rest of the surveyed companies.


9. More Optimism in Tourism

When asked about Hawaii’s economy in the coming year, tourism companies were a little more optimistic on average than other companies.


10. Who Does Your Revenue Come From

We asked the business leaders a series of questions to determine the share of revenue that was coming from each group of visitors. Here is the average breakdown:


11. Future Revenue

What will happen to tourism spending at your business over the next year or two?


12. Local Partner

Companies that have clients/customers from Japan, Korea and/or China were asked two questions:

1. Do you have a local partner(s) in these countries that helps you to attract business before arrival? (Percent that answered yes.)

2. Do you or a partner have a social media presence in these countries? (Percent that answered yes.)



What’s the BOSS? BOSS stands for Hawaii Business’ Outlook and Sentiment Survey.

Our polling partner: Qmark Research,

When: This edition of the twice-a-year BOSS survey was based on 402 random interviews of business executives and owners conducted by Qmark from Oct. 8 to Oct. 23, 2013.

Who: The sample includes proportionate representation of all sizes of Hawaii companies: Businesses with three to nine employees are designated as “very small;” 10 to 49 employees as “small”; 50 to 99 employees as medium; and 100 or more employees as “large.” The data was weighted to reflect the proper proportions of each company segment based on number of employees as reported by the state Department of Labor.

Tourism: The tourism section of the survey was based on interviews with 107 company leaders who said that a majority of their business was in tourism.

Where: Executives on all the major islands were interviewed, in proportion to the relative size of their island’s business activity.

Margin of error: A sample of this size (n=401) has a margin of error of +/- 4.90 percentage points with a 95 percent level of confidence.

Want to know more? Visit our archive of past BOSS surveys by clicking here.

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