February 2007

Cover Story

How to Save Your Business Your People & Yourself

Ross Murakami and KMH rise out of the ashes of Arthur Andersen


Startup ChipIn Restarts

The team goes back to the drawing board after its initial launch fails

Taking Stock of Financial Advisors

Whether you tap into this year’s Top 20 Financial Advisors list or not, here are some things to look for when you choose someone to manage your nest egg. Whether you are looking for basic...


Spin Zone

Spin Zone

Where Hawaii’s leaders face off

Talk Story

Hawaiian Superman

Oswald Stender shares some of his thoughts on all things Hawaiian, from sovereignty to ditching the Akaka Bill

Editor's Note

With Love and Admiration


Net Profits

?Deep-sea farming

This Month's Parting Shot:

Parting Shot

A portrait of Hawaii business life


2007 SmallBiz Success Awards

We profile many high-achieving local small businesses, including Assaggio's and Kamaka Hawaii Ukuleles and more.