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Hawaii's Top 20 Financial Advisors

How Hawaii's Financial Advisors Stack Up

Hawaii's Top 20 Financial Advisors

When searching for someone to manage your investments, an interest in you, your life and your family is perhaps the most important characteristic to look for in a financial advisor. That’s why R.J. Shook, author and cofounder of The Winner’s Circle, which compiles national and regional lists of top advisors, says if you go into an advisor’s office and all he or she does is talk about themselves, walk out.

In today’s marketplace, a financial advisor needs to be the quarterback helping you handle retirement issues, tax-code changes, legal issues and just about everything else. That kind of attention requires a passionate interest in you, not just a good stock tip. What follows is a list of 20 advisors who do that better than anyone.


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The Winner’s Circle does not receive compensation from financial advisors, the participating firms or their affiliates, or the media, in exchange for ranking. The ranking process begins with a survey of top securities firms, insurance companies, banks and other organizations that employ series-7 registered financial advisors; each of these firms must promote objective and independent advice with open-architecture access to financial products and services. For advisors to be considered for the list, they must first have a minimum of seven years of financial services experience.

The rankings are based on qualitative criteria: discussions with senior management and compliance departments, and other weighted criteria that includes compliance records, wealth-management focus, client retention reports and customer satisfaction reports. Advisors are then quantitatively ranked based on an algorithm that weighs varying types of revenues and custodied and non-custodied assets advised by the financial professional. Since revenues are reported differently among firms and financial advisory teams, revenues are adjusted in order to provide equal comparisons. (Revenues are not published in order to maintain the confidentiality of the advisors.) Additional qualitative measures include in-depth interviews with each advisor, and discussions with peers and customers. The ranking does not consider client portfolio performance.

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