State of Hawaii Data Book is a Fountain of Info for Local Data Junkies

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Data Book Sampler

Simultaneous fall and Rise of Credit Unions

The number of Hawaii credit unions has declined because of mergers and closings, as shown by the blue line that uses the blue legend at left. Meanwhile, overall credit-union assets soared, as shown by the green line and right-side legend.

Source: Hawaii Credit Union League and previous Data Books; Note: Figures as of Dec. 31 each year.

Size of Hawaii’s Businesses

Hawaii had 31,472 businesses with employees in 2011, according to the Data Book. Total payroll in 2011: $18.36 billion. Here are the number of businesses in each category.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Note: Excludes self-employed individuals, employees of private households, railroad employees, agricultural-production employees and most government employees

Lots More

The state Data Book includes thousands of other facts, including such diverse items as:

  • Length of the coastline for all the major islands;
  • Average monthly number of food-stamp cases by island, 1980 to 2012.
  • Number of gasoline stations in the state since 1998.
  • Area and depth of craters and calderas, including Diamond Head, Koko Crater, Haleakala and Kilauea.
  • Rent paid as a percentage of household income for all 50 states.


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