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Maryl Group, Inc.

Company:Maryl Group, Inc.
Address:55 Merchant Street, Suite 2900 Honolulu, HI 96813
Year Founded:1986
Number of Full-time Employees:250
Overview:Mark Richards, a stockbroker at the time, founded Racor Industries, Inc. in 1970 with a local inventorOs concept for removing water from diesel fuel. The filters were sold as after-market equipment for highway trucks, farm and construction equipment, marine engines and mining equipment. Mark Richards took this idea of filtering diesel fuel and built a $16 million-a-year company in Modesto, California. Growing to sales of $16 million in 1984, Racor was acquired by Parker Hannifin Corporation in 1985, then a $1.6 billion NYSE Fortune 500 company. Mark Richards continued as General Manager of the Racor Division of Parker Hannifin through 1986, when he moved to a consulting role from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. He then left the company for another entrepreneurial venture: real estate development in Hawaii. Maryl Group was born. Just as their names combined to create the Maryl name, their combined drive and determination formed Maryl Group, Inc. Mark and Cheryl Richards founded Maryl in 1986 from a three-person real estate development company. Maryl Group has grown to become a company of statewide dimension that has earned an enviable reputation and has become known for being one of HawaiiOs 25 Best Places to Work. The Maryl Group is a company of statewide dimension that has earned an enviable reputation over two decades for master planned communities, commercial centers, custom residential homes, island architecture and impeccable construction. With offices in Honolulu and in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island, Maryl is uniquely positioned to provide a full range of development and construction services throughout the state. Our portfolio of integrated companies Development, Architecture and Planning, Construction, as well as Residential and Commercial Realty offers a unique single source capability that enables comprehensive concept, development, marketing and real estate management. Time is the natural and relentless enemy in the construction timetable. From confident permitting to resource procurement always a consideration in an island destination to a secure labor supply to delivery of a completed project, Maryl puts time on your side. While firms both larger and smaller than Maryl aspire to the notion of turnkey development services in an atmosphere of OpartnershipO, few predictably meet deadlines, budgets and expectations. MarylOs ability to satisfy, indeed to delight, the most demanding clients stems from the entire GroupOs relentless pursuit of exceeding these expectations. From feasibility analysis and land acquisition to master planning, zoning, permitting, construction, commercial sales, leasing, property management and residential brokerage services, MarylOs focus is on providing a thoughtful and comprehensively engineered solution. The epitome of this is the Maryl Design-Build program a model Maryl flawlessly executes in both residential and commercial endeavors. Experience is a priceless asset. It is even more valuable when earned across different types of projectsEdiversity is a better teacher than repetition. In this regard, Maryl Group brings to each project the perspective, the collective experience and the confidence of one of HawaiiOs largest and most respected builder-developers. Of particular significance for anyone buying or building in Hawaii is its unique, sometimes challenging land usage and development process. Maryl is a well-recognized and respected citizen, responsible to both the quality and integrity of the islandsO future. As such, Maryl is able to work favorably with local officials, often expediting construction timetables. Value is measured in countless ways. And Maryl seeks to deliver in just as many. Value translates into confidenceEthat projects will be completed with integrity, on time and on budget. Value is having a partner who appreciates the real value of time, and looks to save it every way possible. And value is measured in the quality of the finished productEone that will itself appreciate, and g
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