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Na Hoku, Hawaiis Finest Jewelers Since 1924

Company:Na Hoku, Hawaiis Finest Jewelers Since 1924
Address:3049 Ualena Street, 14th Floor Honolulu, HI 96819-1942
Year Founded:1924
Number of Full-time Employees:342
Overview:Retailer and Manufacturer of fine jewelry.
CEO:Ed Sultan
Status:Privately Held
Number of Part-time Employees:11
Average Annual Salary - Exempt Employees:$64,500
Average Annual Salary - Non-exempt Employees:$36,000
Number of Job Applicants:530
Number of Hires (Last Fiscal Year):308
Voluntary Turnover:58%
Female Employees:211
Percentage of Female Employees:60%
401(K) or 403(B) Match:Yes
Percentage of Match:100% of the first 3% deferred and 50% of the next 2%
Average Hours Training Offered per Year:80
Number of Paid Company Holidays:
Number of paid vacation and personal days:5
Interesting Fact:The company holds a monthly meeting for all field personell where issues are discussed and cash rewards are given out as performance bonuses. Employees are also occasionally treated to meals to recognize their hard work and accomplishments.
Best Practices #1:Flexible schedules, paid parking for salaried personnel.
Best Practices 2:We provide lunch meals and snacks to all our employees EVERYDAY. At times, we provide dinner as well for those who stay late at the office. We also provide and pay for all dinner outings and company events.
Differentiating Practice:The Sultan Team is a tight group of professionals all dedicated to the Companys values. We employ a team approach to doing business. Although we disagree from time to time and we occasionally debate alternatives with passion, we come together and fall in line with one voice with whatever direction is decided. We encourage each member to play a position adhering to high standards of excellence for that position and we work together to achieve common goals. We steadfastly adhere to a strict ethical code. We are honest. We do the right thing. We live by the ethical code of our community, when convenient and when inconvenient. We value performance. Like the members of any professional teams, everyone on our team performs at very high levels. We measure results and we appropriately recognize our highest performers. We orient ourselves and our systems to achieve quantifiable and qualitative results. We value individual identification with the organization. Every team member, together as a team, defines the organization and membership on the team helps to define each individual. We treat each other with dignity and respect.
Map:Click to map the location of Na Hoku, Hawaiis Finest Jewelers Since 1924