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Best Places to Work - Large Companies

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Tony Hawaii Automotive Group

Company:Tony Hawaii Automotive Group
Year Founded:1977
Number of Full-time Employees:392
Overview:Auto mall consisting of four dealerships -- Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Hyundai -- plus a full-service car wash. We also have a body shop located in a different location.
CEO:Stan Masamitsu
Status:Privately Held
Number of Part-time Employees:86
Average Annual Salary - Exempt Employees:$143,900
Average Annual Salary - Non-exempt Employees:$33,600
Number of Job Applicants:575
Number of Hires (Last Fiscal Year):295
Voluntary Turnover:28%
Female Employees:126
Percentage of Female Employees:26%
401(K) or 403(B) Match:Yes
Percentage of Match:25% up to $300
Average Hours Training Offered per Year:12
Number of Paid Company Holidays:10
Number of paid vacation and personal days:
Interesting Fact:The Tony Group selects an Employee of the Month based on customer and coworker comments. The winner receives $100, a parking space for the month, and lunch with the President. The runner-up earns $25 and a free tank of gas.
Best Practices #1:The company has chosen an outside leadership consultant. Through the years, all department managers have attended this 10-week training program. Twice a year the consultant holds review sessions with our alumnae.
Best Practices 2:We select the Employee of the Month each month. He-she is chosen by customers and coworkers comments. First place receives $100, a parking space for the month, and lunch with the President. Second place receives $25 and a free tank of gas.
Differentiating Practice:1) Family day at the water park each summer -- free admission and lunch for employees and their families. 2) Holiday party in January for employee and their guest. 3) Employees park off site, but the company provides a shuttle van and driver to pick up-drop off employees to their cars. 4) Employee discounts when purchasing a vehicle, purchasing parts, or servicing their vehicles. 5) Employees receive coupons each month good for one free car wash. Coupons can be given to their friends and families. 6) Health Reserve Accounts -- new program in 2006. Employees are given dollar amounts per year to offset out-of-pocket medical expenses -- $300 for single employees; $600 with one dependent; $900 for family.