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    1. Investable assets, excluding primary residence; "x" indicates 10% or more of advisor's business.
    2.  Total team assets include custodied and non-custodied assets that advisor and team advise. Advisor is ranked on individual assets, or percentage of contribution to  team; some individuals on list are not part of teams and assets reflect only their share. Different weightings are assigned to different types of assets.
    3.  Ranking algorithm includes revenues produced, but is not published.
    4.  Account size and net worth refer to individual business, not institutional; net worth includes primary residence.
    5. * < ** represents partners.
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Honolulu Gregory Boxold<

Name:Gregory Boxold<
Firm:UBS Financial Services
(1)Retail (less than *$1mm):x
(1)HNW $*1mm-$10mm):x
(1)UHNW ($*10mm+):x
Small Business:x
(4)Typical Account Size ($mm):$500k
(4)Typical Net Worth ($mm):$1.750mm
(2) Team Total Assets:$344,300,000
Minimum Account Size$250k