January 2002

Cover Story


Putting Out The Call

With travel down, the conferencing business picks up.

Plastic Surge

HAS THE SEPT. 11 tragedy affected people’s self image and finances?

Up From The Ashes

Part of what used to be GST Hawaii is now Pacific LightNet.

Interisland Perspective

Hawaii Business spoke with the executive directors of each of the economic development boards for the following counties. The directors shared their interpretations of their county’s strengths...

I.T. ON T.V.

Pacific Telecommunications Council broadcasts same-day footage of its I.T. conference to nearly all of Waikiki.

Hawaii's Largest Contractors

Concrete Plans

Grace Pacific sells its assets to TileCo, the state’s largest concrete-block manufacturing company.

Big Steps For Small Business

We Shouldn’t Wait To Find Out

Hawaii business leaders forecast the economic future.


From Our Leader

How does Gov. Benjamin Cayetano plan to boost the economy? An exclusive interview.

Safety Net

what does rising unemployment mean for health insurance?

A Slow Ship Turning

Government contract stability should counteract a shortfall in private sector work for Hawaii contractors.

Race For The Cure

Hawaii biotech inc. leads in the global race for a dengue fever vaccine.

Building Relationships

Kiewit Pacific thinks locally and acts globally.

Tourism Hit Hard

Live... From The Surgery Room

Months after the sept. 11 incident, a fear of flying has boosted the demand for telemedicine.

Uncharted Waters

Major issues facing the State Legislature in the upcoming session:

Hawaii's Largest Insurance Companies