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Pro Bowl by the Numbers

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Running back Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans drags tackler Roman Harper of the New Orleans Saints during the 2011 Pro Bowl, the year the NFL’s all-star game returned to Aloha Stadium after a year in Miami.

Photo: David Croxford

48,423 Spectators at the 2012 Pro Bowl. Hawaii Tourism Authority says 18,873 were visitors and, of those, 15,098 came to Hawaii specifically to see the Pro Bowl. (1)

$25.3 million Economic activity in Hawaii generated by 2012 Pro Bowl. (1)

$14.04 million Base 2011 salary for 2012 Pro Bowl’s highest paid player: defensive end Dwight Freeney, Indianapolis Colts. (2)

$28 million State taxes generated by people who came to Hawaii for 2012 Pro Bowl. (1)

$4 million State of Hawaii’s payment to NFL for 2013 game. (1)

60 Number of footballs kept on hand at the Pro Bowl. Each team gets 24 footballs; the footballs receive prior approval of each team’s quarterbacks, who may practice with them during the week. (3)

$450,000 Base 2011 salary for lowest paid 2012 Pro Bowlers, which was the league minimum for nonrookies that year. Among those paid that base salary were tight ends Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints and Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots. (2)

$750 Minimum price to rent Aloha Stadium for a party that may only take a room or two. (4) The rent charged by the Stadium Authority varies depending on the event, who is sponsoring it and how much space is needed. Go to this story at and look for the link to Stadium Rent to learn about more rental prices.

$180 Highest ticket price for 2013 game; lowest price is $45. (4)

$10 Price for parking; the price for UH games is $5 and it’s $3 for high school football games. (4)

$1,767,365 Cost to replace Aloha Stadium’s artificial turf in 2011. (4) (5)

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Other Prices for Using Aloha Stadium

The Aloha Stadium Authority has the discretion to determine rent for University of Hawaii intercollegiate regular season football games, provided that the amount does not exceed 7.5 percent of ticket receipts, or $10,000 per date, whichever is greater.

  • Rent for other college football games where no admission is charged: $500.
  • Professionally promoted professional or college football games where admission is charged: $10,000 per date, or 10 percent of ticket receipts, whichever is greater.
  • Post-season intercollegiate and collegiate all-star football games sponsored by any person, partnership, corporation or nonprofit organization: 10 percent of ticket receipts or $10,000 per date, whichever is greater, but not to exceed $32,000 or such greater amount as may be determined by the authority.
  • Other sports events where admission is charged and is not otherwise specified in these rules: $2,000 per date or 10 percent of ticket receipts per date, or if no tickets are sold, $1 for each person attending the event per date, whichever is greater.
  • Concerts, rallies, or conventions: $2,000 per date or 10 percent of ticket receipts per date, or if no tickets are sold, $1 for each person attending the event per date, whichever is greater.
  • Receptions, parties: $750 per date or $1 for each attendee per date, whichever is greater.
  • For purposes of filming or recording a commercial, and other activities involving short-term use of the stadium during normal working hours: $200 per hour, but not more that $1000 per date.

Source: Stadium Authority Administrative Rules, amended

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