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Hawaii Energy Resource Guide 2014

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David Kaltsas
President & Chief Operating Officer

Small businesses spend more than $60 billion annually on energy costs. With Hawaii importing 90% of its energy and having the United States’ highest electricity costs, local businesses are increasingly turning to solar to reduce their energy expenses and increase their net operating income.  Third party financing for residential solar systems is projected to grow in excess of 170% by 2016 to a $5.7B market.  Financing for commercial solar systems is on the rise as well.  With robust financing and solar system prices declining more than 40% since 2011, the economics of solar have never been more attractive.

Power Purchase Agreements allow businesses to purchase sustainable energy with no money down.  For example, SunWize, a solar energy engineering, procurement and construction company that has been operating in Hawaii for over 15 years, enters into a commercial PPA or 20-year contract with a business. As the energy provider, SunWize funds the costs of Engineering & Design, Procurement, Construction, Operations & Maintenance, and assumes all performance risks.

The business pays only for the energy produced by the system.

“Solar PPAs are an ideal solution for businesses that want to establish a competitive advantage in the market place by reducing their energy costs and investing the energy savings in core growth areas of their business.  Businesses are able to recognize predictable, long-term energy costs and hedge against rising and volatile electricity rates,” says David Kaltsas, SunWize’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

1-800-81-SOLAR (1-800-817-6527)


Haleakala Solar

Jim Whitcomb
Founder & CEO
Haleakala Solar

With more than 10,000 solar systems under its belt, Haleakala Solar has been a leader in the renewable industry since 1977. Employing over 180 people, owner Jim Whitcomb prides himself on providing jobs for the local community while also helping the environment. “We are a concept-to-completion company offering everything from small to large scale PV and Solar Hot Water Systems, Battery-Back-Up and Full Solar Service, regardless if we installed the system or not,” Whitcomb says. “We look at and treat all our customers like a member of the family and provide them with all the available options to save energy and money.”

Attuned to the state’s long-term environmental and operational vision, Haleakala Solar provides a variety of energy conservation systems including Attic Fans, LED Lights, VSD Motors, Motion Detectors, Pool and Spa Heating and much more.

“We want to create local jobs and keep money in the state instead of spending it to buy foreign oil,” Whitcomb explains.

“Solar systems are environmentally and socially responsible. In addition to the financial benefits, there’s a social benefit of knowing you are producing your own clean energy – kind of like growing your own food.”

2700 South King Street
Honolulu, HI 96826


Solar City

Jon Yoshimura
Director of Policy and Electricity Markets

SolarCity is dedicated to providing Hawai‘i homeowners and businesses of all sizes with the opportunity to secure affordable solar energy solutions. In fact, the company prides itself on providing terrific cost savings once an average utility bill exceeds $100 per month—not difficult to do in Hawai‘i.

“We know that buying a rooftop photovoltaic system upfront can be an expensive proposition,” says Jon Yoshimura, director of policy and electricity markets at SolarCity. “That’s why we work with our customers to arrange sales plans that fit their personal needs and budget. Each customer is unique, so we strive to provide them with the best possible solution to otherwise expensive energy.”

SolarCity supplies solar-generated power for thousands of residents at Marine Corps Base Hawai‘i, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, and Helemano Military Reservation, among others. Additionally it recently partnered with Kaua‘i Island Utility Cooperative and Hawaiian Electric Company to incorporate utility-scale solar power into their energy portfolios.

Committed to Hawai‘i for the long-term, SolarCity’s installations include oversight and maintenance of its systems. Additionally, the company’s skilled team is always working to develop and offer new products for Hawai‘i’s residents to have more control over energy use and their costs of electricity.

“It’s our mission to reduce energy costs for Hawai‘i’s families and businesses. We make this possible with innovative financing and products which allow people to generate their own clean, homegrown solar energy,”  says Yoshimura. “We strive to make SolarCity synonymous with great customer service, cutting edge technology, and a trusted partner for as long as you own your solar photovoltaic system.”

Find SolarCity at convenient kiosks in Kahala Mall and at Pacific Honda in downtown Honolulu.

Or find them online at www.solarcity.com.

599 Kahelu Ave
Mililani, HI 96789

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