July 2000

Cover Story


Spa-ntaneous Combustion

Waikiki is a whirlpool of resort spa activity.

2000 Kauai Commercial Office Guide

Lease rents, available space and other data on Kauai's largest office buildings.

Primed to be the next Primo

Some folks are trying to be Hawaii’s new “King of Beers” through innovation.

Hanalei, Hana Hou!

With commercial boating gone, the economy of this North Shore town has changed and evolved, but it is as strong as ever.

The End Is Near

The latest Japan Top 30 rankings show that a number of battered Japan-based companies are making the turn in Hawaii.

From Online to Starting Line

The Internet has changed how races are run and who runs in them.

Going Swimmingly

Come on in. Kauai’s economic waters are just fine.

A Woman's Place

The traditional adage about women and kitchens never really applied to restaurants. But things may be changing.

On Any Given Weekend

Honolulu’s so-called “Financial League” is one of the oldest and most organized employee sports leagues in town.

Hawaii Celebrates the End of an (Awful) Era

Economic projections by the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization.


Editor's Note

July 2000