July 2001

Cover Story

Finally, The Fantasy

After four years of production, Square USA releases Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.


Island in the Stream

Riding the wave of high-tech money last year, Kauai's economy may be swimming upstream in 2001.

Flights of Mercy

Flying Nurses escorts approximately 300 patients worldwide a year.

Marketing a Miracle Medical Tool

A program grows to bring patients to hawaii for gamma knife treatment.

Institutions of Hired Learning

Specialized schools offer quick-and-easy solutions for job hunters.

Japan Top 30

Have Japan-owned companies fallen prey to Japan’s economic woes?

Reading, Writing and RAM

Few schools have embraced the digital revolution like St. Andrew’s Priory.

Thinking Inside the Box

The Ohana Foundation’s software is at the forefront of integrating technology into the classroom.

Self-Prescribed Solutions

Mom-and-pop drug stores survive amid competition from pharmaceutical giants.