July 2001

Cover Story

Finally, The Fantasy

After four years of production, Square USA releases Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.


Island in the Stream

Riding the wave of high-tech money last year, Kauai's economy may be swimming upstream in 2001.

Marketing a Miracle Medical Tool

A program grows to bring patients to hawaii for gamma knife treatment.

Institutions of Hired Learning

Specialized schools offer quick-and-easy solutions for job hunters.

Flights of Mercy

Flying Nurses escorts approximately 300 patients worldwide a year.

Japan Top 30

Have Japan-owned companies fallen prey to Japan’s economic woes?

Reading, Writing and RAM

Few schools have embraced the digital revolution like St. Andrew’s Priory.

Self-Prescribed Solutions

Mom-and-pop drug stores survive amid competition from pharmaceutical giants.

Thinking Inside the Box

The Ohana Foundation’s software is at the forefront of integrating technology into the classroom.