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photos courtesy: Wallpaper

These extremely stylish guides are the next best thing to traveling itself. Each book, divided into rather unconventional sections, like Architour and Escapes, highlights the best of the world’s most alluring destinations.

Located in the old Teddy’s Bigger Burgers spot on Monsarrat Avenue, practically everything is good at the Grill. But we especially love the caprese sandwich and fish tacos. Oh, and the fries. Don’t forget the fries.

photo courtesy: Red Box Jewelry

Uniting fashion and function, City Mill Vice President Carol Ai May’s new handcrafted jewelry line, Red Box Jewelry Designs, works well with a power suit or a cocktail dress.

With coffee, with butter, or by itself – it doesn’t matter how you eat your Rainbow Falls lavosh. It’ll still be one of the best meals of the day. Available in bold, exotic flavors like furikake, garlic and ginger jelly, we prefer the subtle tastes of taro, ulu and passion fruit butter.

photo courtesy: Grilliput

Pack one of these super compact grills in your glove box – or pocket, even – and you’ll be ready for all the impromptu barbecues summer can throw at you.

-Jacy L. Youn



photo: Kai

Rice Age

Its name has multiple meanings and its taste is nearly as complex. KAI, touted as the world’s first ultra-premium rice vodka, hit Island stores last month. The crystal-clear spirit’s name is associated with beauty, joyfulness and happy gatherings throughout Southeast Asia, and, of course, it means “near the ocean” in Hawaiian. Made from yellow blossom rice, cultivated exclusively in the fertile Red River Delta of Northern Vietnam, KAI’s flavors have been described as sweet spice, vanilla and tropical aromas. Marcus Bender, owner of Honolulu’s Brew Moon Microbrewery and Restaurant, created the spirit along with a lychee-flavored vodka. KAI is distributed locally by Southern Wines and Spirits.

–David K. Choo



Gothic Styles, Tropical isles

photo courtesy: Loree Rodkin

Somewhere in a deep, dark corner of your office is an employee who secretly is dying to wear his silver skull-and-cross-bone ring to work. Be very afraid. This month, designer Loree Rodkin brings her Gothic, medieval styles to Honolulu with a brand-new, 11,000-square-foot store scheduled to open at Ala Moana Center. Rodkin’s “modern-meets-medieval, romantic-meets-Gothic” approach to jewelry, fragrances and eyewear makes her popular among celebrities and fashion rags. The store, a stark contrast to the sunny, tropical retailers at Ala Moana, boasts jewel-encrusted chandeliers, a glass archway, dark wood and blue mosaic tiles. The Honolulu location follows the success of Loree Rodkin stores in Japan, where the Gothic Lolita look is hot.

-Cathy S. Cruz


Great American Cowboys

photo: Jack Goodman, courtesy Parker Ranch

Where: Parker Ranch, Waimea, Hawaii Island
What: Independence Day Rodeo and Horse Races
When: July 4
Why: This Independence Day tradition has always been special, but this year, Parker Ranch is celebrating its 160th anniversary, so expect a little extra excitement. The festivities include a rare glimpse of Hawaii’s paniolo in action, participating in such events as horse races, team sorting, double mugging, daily team roping and more. Of course, there will be plenty of food and keiki activities. For more information, call (808) 885-5669 or visit

-David K. Choo


Fly Anxiety

Have a fear of flying? You’re not alone. According to the fashion/style/gadget/travel Web site, 54 million other Americans suffer from a fear of flying. To help ease the tension during takeoff, the Web site’s editors have assembled these helpful hints for the “average” aerophobe:

+ Opt for the biggest aircraft and a window seat close to the front (you’ll feel less turbulence).

+ Tell the flight attendant and the pilot that you’re afraid. They’ll talk you through the weather and the equipment and address specific concerns. (They’ve done it before.)

+ When you experience turbulence, roll with it. Literally, sway with the movement of the plane. Pretend you’re going over potholes in the sky.

+ In-seat strategies: Breathe deeply and listen to calming music to block out minor sounds and annoying neighbors. Try herbal remedies. Use the airsick bag to prevent hyperventilation.

+ Avoid caffeine and drink lots of water: Dehydration increases anxiety.



photo courtesy: pbtravel

Flying Filter

You’re on a nonstop to Chicago and the guy two rows back sounds like he’s coughing out a lung. Not to worry. The Plane Clean Air Filter features an electrostatic-charged filter media that removes 99.5 percent of viruses, bacteria and other contaminants from the air stream. Just attach the Plane Clean onto your overhead air nozzle and you’ll breathe easier. $19.99,

-David K. Choo

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