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Letters 07/08

What our readers have to say


What About Hawaiian Airlines?Hawaii Business June 2008 cover

I have a few issues with [the June 2008 article] “What Really Killed Aloha?” For starters, where are the details of the business management decisions and action since Aloha emerged from bankruptcy in '04?

I ask because the Aloha’s crisp response to the shutdown cites rising fuel costs and competition as the only reasons for the shutdown. True, those are contributing factors but the implication is that these are the ONLY factors. If that were the case, why hasn’t Hawaiian Airlines followed suit and filed Chapter 11? Anyone take a look at Hawaiian’s documented profit since 2004? How is it that these two very similar operations can diverge so greatly?

Hawaiian and Aloha had nearly identical capital, routes, history, and fleet. With an article titled, “What Really Killed...,” it seems this divergence would be a critical cornerstone to the story.

D.J. Fabozzi II
Computer engineer
Kahului, Hawaii
Via email

Military Service

Growing up, I hardly questioned my dad about his job. After all, he was just dad and the sole breadwinner of a household with his spouse, 4 kids and 3 grandparents. Dad chose the night shift and volunteered to work weekends to earn enough money for the family. That sacrifice meant we never saw him when we came home from school and rarely on the weekends.
Thirty-seven years of service as a machinist at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Shop 31 was proudly displayed in his bedroom on a plaque the Navy presented to him upon his retirement.

I never realized how important his job was until recently. The two articles by Hawaii Business Magazine (May 2008) and Honolulu Magazine and the 100th anniversary of Pearl Harbor opened my eyes.

Where would our family be today if there was no Pearl Harbor? My uncle worked at the shipyard, my classmates and many friends. Many families owe their livelihood to the shipyard.

In reality, my dad served the United States of America. I’m very proud of him. And I guess I’m following his footsteps by the work I do today. Pearl Harbor is much more than a Navy base, a ship repair facility or a protection from a recession — it’s personal. We’re taking the kids to visit the USS Missouri and Pearl Harbor again this weekend (we have a family membership to the USS Missouri) and show them where grandpa worked. Who knows, maybe someday the next generation may be helping the Pearl. I’m fortunate that dad took Sunday off on Dec. 7, 1941 or you wouldn’t be receiving this email.

Edward Young
Project Outreach Coordinator
Hawaii Technology Development Venture
Honolulu, Hawaii
Via email



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