Inside the Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning project

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Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning is scheduled to break ground this year on its cooling system for buildings in downtown Honolulu, says the vice chairman of HSWAC’s board, Bill Mahlum. Here’s a look at the system:

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Air conditioning consumes one-third of the energy used in typical Hawaii office buildings.


$145 million in tax-exempt revenue bonds, authorized by the state Legislature

$113 million in taxable revenue bonds

$47.8 million in private equity

At full capacity, the system will offset the burning of 178,000 barrels of oil a year by reducing electricity consumption by 77 million kilowatt hours.



2004: Plans first announced, with an initial target date for completion of 2009.

2007: Initial construction targeted to start.

Second half of 2012: New scheduled start after construction delayed by permitting issues and the recession.

2014: Revised date for system to begin operations.



Early Clients

1 First Hawaiian Bank

2 Hawaiian Electric Co.

3 One Waterfront Towers

4 Finance Factors

Negotiations with government and private landowners and leaseholders are proceeding and more than 70 percent of capacity has been reserved, HSWAC says.

Where the Pipes Will Be Laid

Underground pipes carry the chilled freshwater to buildings throughout downtown Honolulu.

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