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Leaders in Innovation 2014

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As technology demands become more elaborate and integrated, and our reliance on it grows more complex, our need for quality service providers is increasingly vital. Luckily, Hawaii’s innovators continue to blaze trails and cover new territory in bringing local and international businesses the skills and support they need to thrive. From data security to information convergence, in this issue we highlight four companies that are making and keeping Hawaiian businesses competitive.

In this issue, we’re introducing—and perhaps even reintroducing—you to local companies and their leaders who aren’t afraid to step up and step out with better, faster, more sustainable, more advanced, and more innovative business solutions, technologies, and products to help you get and stay ahead of the competition.



When It Comes to Cyber Attacks, Every Business is a Target

Hawaiian Telcom Provides the Ultimate in Cyber Protection

It’s hard to imagine foreign spies or masked thieves tunneling into your business to steal sensitive information. This sounds more like the plot of a bestselling novel than something Hawaii’s business community should be concerned with. However, in today’s world this has become all too real as cyber attacks make global exploits cheap and easy—with low risk to perpetrators.

For every incident that makes headlines—like the Heartbleed Bug and zero-day attacks targeting Windows XP—there are dozens that receive little attention, and smaller businesses are not immune. The massive Target data breach, for example, began with a malware infection on a system owned by a small HVAC contractor. Most Hawaii businesses can’t keep pace with these emerging threats.

Increased risk has also caused a proliferation of compliance requirements affecting most industries.  Retail and hospitality companies that process credit cards now face new requirements for daily log reviews under PCI DSS 3.0.  Financial and healthcare organizations risk legal consequences for failure to protect sensitive data or notify customers when breaches occur.  Under these laws, failure to detect a breach is not a defense.

Over the past three years, Hawaiian Telcom has developed an innovative, cloud-based Managed Security team to address the needs of these customers.  “Our focus on people, process, technology, and information has really paid off,” says Dave Morris, Senior Manager, Product Management. “This team has gained an unprecedented knowledge base of the threats and vulnerabilities that businesses face in Hawaii.”

In its Security Operations Center, Hawaiian Telcom gathers threat intelligence from external feeds, independent research, detected threats, and information sharing organizations such as the FBI’s InfraGard. The Managed Security team uses this data, that’s collected around the clock, to detect attacks right as the early threats emerge.

Hawaiian Telcom’s Managed Security team goes beyond mastering defensive security technologies. “A true defensive strategy requires knowledge of offensive tactics and forensics so that your security team knows what to look for and where to find it,” Morris says. The Hawaiian Telcom team sharpens its skills at local hacking competitions such as last year’s Po’oihe Cyber Range Defense Exercise. This year the Hawaiian Telcom team swept the competition at the Symantec Cyber Readiness Challenge.  

Hawaiian Telcom offers customized Managed Security solutions for customers of all sizes. Whether you own a small, medium or large business, the Hawaiian Telcom Managed Security team can detect, analyze, respond to, and protect your business from targeted security attacks, 24/7.


1177 Bishop Street
Honolulu, HI 96813


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