What’s It Worth? Transplanting a Mature Tree

Photo: Thinkstock

Trees can take decades to reach their full splendor. If patience is not your strong suit, you can dig up a mature tree and transplant it in another location. But use an expert: Transplanting is difficult and its success depends on the tree and its height.

For instance, a palm tree should be 20 feet tall or less before transplant. That’s because the taller the palm, the more difficult it is for nutrients to reach the crown, says Ivan Asato, a certified arborist with The Tree People, a tree service based in Honolulu.

“When you pull it out of the ground and leave it out too long, there is always a chance it won’t survive,” he says.

Transplanting a 20-foot palm tree from Kailua to the Diamond Head area – about 15 miles – would cost roughly $7,000, he says.

The transplant success rate for monkeypod trees is much higher, Asato says, and you can transplant monkeypods up to 30 feet tall. “They are pretty hardy trees that grow and recover really quickly,” he says.

Moving a 30-foot monkeypod tree from Kailua to Diamond Head would cost about $10,000. The tree will need to be cut back selectively to fit on the truck and the road, Asato says, but it will grow back.


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