June 2000

Cover Story


Voices of Authority

Once the envy of the industry, Hawaii’s tourism promotion infrastructure is old and outdated. Can Shari Chang and the HTA bring it into the 21st Century?

Swing Time

If their timing is right, kamaaina can play some great golf...for some great prices.

Divorce with Decency

Authoring a book on the subject provided a way for a local attorney to maintain market share in a difficult business environment.

Viva Vacations-Hawaii

The company is making its Las Vegas-based parent very happy.

Dot.com Desires

Real estate continues to power economic gains on Maui. But there are signs that the county is ready to grow in other areas, too.

The Daily Flight to Work

It’s cheaper and more convenient for some business people to fly every day instead of drive.

Look Ma, No Hands!

Voice-activated wireless phones may be considered an extravagance today but they may be a necessity tomorrow.

Roadster Rage

Get your motor running and head out on the highway thanks to the return to form of one of the auto industry’s sexiest products: the roadster.

What Makes Joe Run?

You say you want a revolution? Meet a 34-year old dot.com multi-millionaire who chose to spend his retirement doing high tech...on Maui.

Got Road?

It’s what you’ll need if money’s no object.


Editor's Note

June 2000